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Jenny Knauss Biography by Jenny Knauss(1999)

CWLU member from beginning to end. Born in UK, spent 5 years in Nigeria and Ghana before coming to US, so first work for CWLU was working on draft of anti-imperialism paper with Vivian Rothstein and others. Then worked on liberation school workgroup. Two small children meant day care concerns, so participated in day care group and the sit-in at City Hall to demand more day care. Was also active in developing health programs in CWLU: this was partly done in collaboration with two other English women, Rachel Fruchter who was working on women's health issues in New York City at the time and Deb Dobbin, Jenny's sister, who was a strong link with JANE. Unfortunately Rachel and Deb, who both did so much work for women's health and battered women's issues here and in England, have died in the last two years. The CWLU was an unforgettable experience. I feel that my later work (particularly as director of the Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health over the last 18 years) has been enormously influenced by what I learned in the CWLU not only about organizing but also about creating an environment where women - younger and older - could come together and work for justice.