About the Herstory Project
Womankind Awakening Project Contributors and Board of Directors

Many people have contributed to the production of this website. We value the contributions of all the people connected with this project, whether great or small.

Below is a list of our Board of Directors and a list of project contributors. Our Board of Directors is our governing body and makes decisions about our overall direction and finances.

Our project contributors are people who have worked on some aspect of this website including creating content, publicity, organizing documents, web production, fundraising, networking, finances and consulting.

In some cases there is a link to a short biography or website of the person. You are invited to follow those links and learn more about who is making all of this possible.

CWLU Herstory Project Board of Directors

People Who Helped With This Project

Diane Horwitz
Vivian Rothstein
Chris Riddiough
Marie "Micki" Leaner
Virginia Martinez
Sarah Bornstein
Jenny Knauss
Susan Abod
Judith Arcana
John Burke
Jessie Kauffman
Susan Nussbaum
Carol Wells
Erika Ban
Cindy Zucker
Julie Zolot
Cheryl Ganz
Nell Lundy
Elizabeth Sparacino
Ann Medina
Jill Giordano
Margaret Schmid
Pat Mathews
Aurora Levins Morales
Alice Dan
Archy Motley

Becky Kluchin
Joan Berman
Naomi Weisstein
Marion Morgan
Hannah Frisch
Rhona Jacobs
Elaine Wessel
Paula Kamen
Dana Simpson
Judith Kegan Gardiner
Sharon Lieberman
Betsy Martens
Laurel Lambert Schmidt
Nikki Waller
Barbara Kessel
Jo Freeman
Chris Johnson
Kristin Lems
Jennifer Langdon-Teclaw
Suzan Erem
Heather Booth
Gina Caneva
Helena Aarli
Coral Norris
Julie Zavala

If you helped us out and your name was inadvertently left off, please email us at infogal@cwluherstory.org and we'll fix that oversight ASAP.