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Last Updated November 6, 2001

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Tahmeena Faryal of RAWA speaks in Chicago Friday Nov 9 and Saturday Nov 10.
RAWA is the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan which is working toward a secular democratic Afghanistan. Their video smuggled out of Taliban controlled territory has been seen around the world.
Friday, November 9, 6 p.m at the Hot House, 31 E. Balbo (between Wabash & State St.) No cameras (still or video) will be allowed. Donation: $3.
Saturday, Nov. 10, 2 p.m. at a panel on "The Struggle for Women's Emancipation in the Middle East and South Asia," Harold Washington Library Center, 400 S. State St., 7th floor sponsored by the Society in Focus Series.

New Women's Art Show Opens at Chicago's Artemesia Gallery.
"Here, There and Everywhere" featuring work by Jy Hyun Kim, Nicoletta West and CWLU Herstory Treasurer Mary Ellen Croteau will run the entire month of November at Artemesia Gallery at 700 N. Carpenter St. Chicago, IL 60623 Call (312 )226-7323 for more info. There was an opening reception Friday Nov 2, 5-8 pm.

Henry Flamethrowa Now Playing at Chicago's Victory Gardens Theater-Directed by Susan Nussbaum.
Henry Flamethrowa is the story of a very unusual sister and brother, Lilja and Henry. Lilja, only 12-years-old, lies in a coma behind a glass wall, and at her father's invitation, people come from all over the country seeking her miraculous healing powers.
Director Susan Nussbaum is a member of the Herstory Project and a former CWLUer. The play received a nice review in the Chicago Tribune.
It runs through November 18 at Victory Gardens Theater, 2257 N. Lincoln Avenue in Chicago. Call the Victory Gardens box office, (773) 871-3000 for tickets and information, or go to to purchase tickets online.

The Best of Women's Contemporary Humor to be in the Bookstores April 2002.
A fresh and funny collection of modern women's humor will hit the bookshelves in April of 2002. Contributors include Wendy Wasserstein, Delia Ephron, Anna Quindlen, Kathy Najimy, Gloria Steinem, Christine Lavin and many others. Herstory Project members Estelle Carol and Bob Simpson contributed several of their feminist labor cartoons to the effort.
The royalties and a percentage of the proceeds will be donated to The American Foundation for AIDS Research (AmFAR), the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, and the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

UIC Gender and Women's Studies Program sponsors lecture series on Gender and City Spaces.
This year's annual lecture series includes talks on:

  • Can I Have a House with a Door? Indian Women and Development
  • Creating a Woman-Friendly City: A Gendered Perspective on Urban Planning and Design
  • Immigrants from Oz: Marking Chicago's 'Boys Town'
  • If I Can't Dance Shirtless, It's Not a Revolution: Sexuality and Feminism in the Twin Cities, 1970

Lectures will be held during October, November and January on the UIC campus. The complete schedule is here. Call 312-996-2441 for more details. You may view the lecture series poster here.

Herstory Project Affiliates with the & Women and Children First Bookstore.
On our homepage you will see two new banners for the & Women and Children First Bookstore.If you click on either of these and make a purchase from their online catalogs, the Herstory Project will receive a modest commission.
It's a great way to treat yourself as well as your friends and family to fine books and videos, while helping the Herstory Project at the same time.

Women and Children First Bookstore in Chicago has a Great November Line-up.
Naomi Wolf and Diane Ackerman will be among the writers
appearing at Women and Children First Bookstore in Chicago this month. More details avaiable on their website.

Rounder Records and Harvard's Schlesinger Library Team up to Re-release the "Mountain Moving Day" album
In 1972, the Chicago Women's Liberation Rock Band and the New Haven Women's Liberation Rock Band released "Mountain Moving Day", a feminist rock album which became a classic of the women's liberation movement.
Long unavailable, the album is being remastered with additional previously unreleased songs to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the original "Mountain Moving Day" album. The re-release is a joint project between Rounder Records & Harvard's Schlesinger Library -- an archive on the history of women in America.
The Chicago Women's Liberation Rock Band was a workgroup of the Chicago Women's Liberation Union.
Much of the credit for this exciting development goes to Naomi Weisstein, former keyboard player for the Band. Her personal papers reside at Harvard's Schlesinger Library along with reel-to-reel masters of previously unreleased Rock Band material.
The CWLU Herstory Project assisted Naomi in her efforts. The Project digitally transferred songs from the original LP in 2000 and distributed a limited number of promotional CD's to help generate interest in a general re-release of the album.
Rock Band fans should also check out Susan Abod's new solo CD of jazzy upbeat tunes. Susan was the lead singer of the Chicago Women's Liberation Rock Band. Those of you who were lucky enough to hear Susan sing in her Rock Band days will be pleased to know that she can still belt out a tune....better than ever. Her album "In the Moment" is a real joy. Visit to hear samples and purchase a copy.

What's Coming Up on the Herstory Site?
We are adding new primary source documents every month. Currently we are processing documents about Jane as well as selected articles from Womankind. We will also be processing a video interview with feminist singer Kristen Lems.
We will be converting Becky Kluchin's wonderful audio interviews with former CWLUers into narrative text format with historical context and commentary added.
Thanks to Jo Freeman
and Joan Berman, we will also be posting all seven issues of Voices of Women's Liberation, the first national women's liberation newsletter that Jo Freeman edited in the 1960's.
Thanks to Sue Davenport and Gordon Quinn (Kartemquin Films), we will have some web video clips from The Chicago Maternity Center Story. Gordon has also given us permission to post clips from a video made by Shirlee Blumenthal and Barbara Bejna about the Chicago Women's Graphics Collective when he finishes converting it from its ancient video format.
Jennifer Abod encouraged us to put up audio clips of the New Haven Women's Liberation Rock Band and we hope to get permission to use some video clips Jennifer is making of a Band reunion.

The long and short of it is, we have plenty to keep us busy for quite a while to come!!

Ruth Surgal receives recognition for her work in Jane. Paula Kamen honored for her "Jane" play
The National Abortion Federation recently recognized and honored Ruth Surgal for her tireless work in the Abortion Counseling Service (AKA "Jane") at its recent Chicago meeting. Paula Kamen, author of Jane: Abortion and the Underground was honored for her powerful documentary play. The National Abortion Federation is the organization of professional abortion providers.
Along with the expected workshops on purely medical topics, there was a heavy emphasis on security- not surprising considering the number of attacks on clinics. One of the other people honored was a doctor who had been shot twice by anti-abortion terrorists. As one former Jane once put it, "In the old days we only worried about getting arrested, now we would have to worry about being killed."
Both Ruth and Paula are members of the Herstory Project. Estelle Carol, Herstory Project Coordinator, was also invited to attend.
For more information on the NAF meeting read the Nation article HERE. Paula Kamen has a new interview in the online magazine LIP HERE.

Former CWLU member Meredith Tax is President of Women's World: An Organization Devoted to Advancing the Rights of Feminist Writers
Women's WORLD, a global free speech network of women writers, was founded in 1994 to address the deteriorating situation of feminist writers, who are caught between media consolidation and globalization, on the one hand, and backlash movements that target feminists, on the other. Its goals are:

  • to build a worldwide mutual aid network of women writers in order to break down isolation and defend those under attack
  • to develop autonomous feminist institutions including presses, distribution networks, writers' centers, and institutes, as a basis for women's independent political thought
  • to fight the silencing of women through research, public education, and action

Womens's World is planning a website which is due to go online very soon. In the interim, Meredith sent us a statement of purpose and a history which you may read HERE.
Meredith Tax is the author of several acclaimed books including The Rising of the Women, Rivington Street, Union Square and Families. You may order her books online through our Feminist Marketplace.

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