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This is our showcase of young feminist creativity. We plan to display writing, artwork, audio and video. We offer links to other sites as well as material submitted to us by contributors. We will organize GrrlSmarts! by the month.
If you are a teacher or a young person who has feminist work you would like us to display, contact us at to join up with GrrlSmart

Please comment on the opinions expressed in GrrlSmarts by emailing

November 2001 GrrlSmarts

Diving into Drums by Katie Conner Linda Pitmon is a woman drummer for a rock and roll band. Read about how she began by banging and pots and pans and how she maintains her current professional success.

Life Outside the Box by Eva Seligman
Journey to Nepal and discover a world of monasteries, children and ancient cultures .

A Look at Women Comic Superheroes by Jean Bourg
A feminist look at at the superheroines who pal around(sometimes) with the superheroes.

When Terrorists Hit Home by Teen Voices Teens recall September 11.

October 2001 GrrlSmarts

Stop & Think by Bonkworld
A powerful multimedia reflection on the Sept 11 attack using photos and the words of WWII veteran Howard Zinn. Make sure you have your Flash plugin and your sound turned on.

Attacks a Turning Point for Teens by the Associated Press
Teenagers react to the September 11 tragedy.

In Response to the Horror by Alison Amoroso
The editor of Teen Voices gives her viewpoint on the violence and hate that led to the attack.

September 2001 GrrlSmarts

Dana Hills High School NOW Fights Back! by Emily Walker
A high school principal bans the high school NOW (National Organization for Women) chapter for being too "political". He soon gets a strong dose of feminist politics that causes him to have a major attitude adjustment.

Vera Rubin: Astronomer
Vera was a star struck girl of 12 as she gazed out the window at the night sky. Today she is a respected astronomer still enraptured by the wonders of the universe. Find out about what it takes to be scientist and follow a dream.

Crazy Election 2000
Still confused about one of the most confusing elections in US History? This Teen Voices article should help you puzzle it all out.

Why I Rock Climb by Susan Fox Rogers Susan began rock climbing when she was 15. If you've ever wanted to move up in the world, Susan can show you how its done.

August 2001 GrrlSmarts

Researcher Seeks Answers on LGBT Youth:
by Brye Butler Researcher Stephan Russel of UC-Davis wants to know why gay and lesbian kids have to endure harassment and even violence. Armed with $300,000 in grant money,he plans to get some answers.

The Problem with Chopsticks by Ellen Rubinstein
Ellen was in Japan feeling like a total klutz with chopsticks, but having a great time as the "goofy foreigner". Read about one American girl's experience abroad.

Collegegrrl 2001 Music Picks by Stephanie Fairleigh
College radio has the reputation of being on the cutting edge of music. See how far out today's college radio DJ's are willing to go.

My Favorite Book
Girls tell you what the best summer reading really is. Better hurry and read their selections though, summer's almost over.

July 2001 GrrlSmarts

Girl Genius by GirlStart A portrait of Tiffany Schlain, the digital diva behind the Webby Awards. Think of the Webby Awards as the Oscars of the Internet.

Rootin' and Shootin'
by Elda Dausen Elda is a 12 year old resident of Tanzania who belongs to Roots and Shoots, an environmental group for kids around the world. Read what she is doing to help save the earth and how you can be part of it.

Advocates for Youth Praises Surgeon General’s Call to Action by James Wagoner A DC. based youth group takes a close look at the Surgeon-General's recent report on sexuality. They like what they see.

OutPath by Elizabeth A bi-sexual Australian teen talks about her coming out to her best friend at age 15.

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December 2000-June 2001 Articles

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