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Dancers GrrlSmarts is our showcase of young feminist creativity. We plan to display writing, artwork, audio and video. We offer links to other sites as well as material submitted to us by contributors. We will organize GrrlSmarts! by the month.
If you are a teacher or a young person who has feminist work you would like us to display, contact us at to join up with GrrlSmarts

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GrrlSmarts Archive

December 2000-June 2001

June 2001 GrrlSmarts

The Women's Liberation Movement of the 1960's
by Vintee Sawhney A brief history of the women's liberation movement by a Wisconsin high school student. Vintee interviewed Herstory Project member Estelle Carol as part of her project.

Young feminists ride the Third Wave
by Nicole Cohen Canadian young feminists confront new issues and ponder the direction the women's movement should take.

Feminists, young and older, still reaching out
by Sharlene Azam A young female reporter from the Toronto Star meets Gloria Steinem and Marcia Gillespie. She is both surprised and impressed when neither quite fits her idea of what an older feminist is like.

Wisconsin Welfare is Wack!
by Teen Voices A shocking story about how some of the money for Wisconsin's "welfare reform" is lining the pockets of the wealthy. There is an email letter you can send to protest this abuse, as well as a bulletin board to express your opinion .

May 2001 GrrlSmarts

Kids on Drugs by Molly Conway This article focuses on the drugs adults give kids to change their mood and behavior. Molly(age 13) is not convinced this is such a great idea.

Together We are the future
by NOW Young Feminists NOW, the National Organization for Women, invites young feminists to get involved in the movement for justice and equality.

Express and Create
from Tech Up! Tech Up! is an e-zine for women and girls interested in technology. Read some poetry by Tech Up! members

An Emotional Lost and Found
by Samantha Hunter Martin was a teenage Dad. Read about a guy who knows what it means to be a kid with adult responsibilities. Follow the links from the Teenwire homepage to find the story .

April 2001 GrrlSmarts

We Can Cooperate
Herland is an early 20th century novel by Charlotte Perkins Gilman that envisioned a woman run utopia. Oak Park high school student Dana Simpson takes a 21st century look at it.

Can't Buy My Love
by Erica Bryant
An interview with Jean Kilbourne,a woman who has single-handedly taken on the entire advertising industry with books and videos that hit hard at those ads we can never seem to get away from.

Family Week 2001
by COLAGE Family Week is a special gathering for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) parents and youth & adults of all ages with LGBT parents. If your idea of a good time is hanging out at the beach in Provincetown MA with like minded kids, start bugging your parents now. The gathering is from August 4-10.

Where Have All The Indies Gone?
by Danielle Egnew
A no b.s look at the state of independent music from one of the members of the indie band Pope Jane. Danielle is not pleased.

March 2001 GrrlSmarts

Hip Hop Feminism
This article from BET has commentary from several female hip hop artists who say that yes, it is possible to be a rapper and speak out against sexism and misogyny. A good antidote to Eminem's Grammy awards.

Protect Yourself
by FEMedia Practical hints on how to defend yourself if attacked. Includes information from men in prison who have attacked women so you know how your enemy thinks. Most of them said they wanted to attack someone who wouldn't cause trouble, so the article counsels resistance.

The Gurl Graveyard
by Jonna
A walk through women's history past the graves of some famous women who according to the author just "keep kicking it".

I think I Might Be a Lesbian. Now What do I do? by Outright
Young lesbians answer commonly asked questions with frank sensitivity. The basic message is, "We're normal!".

February 2001 GrrlSmarts

Women Banned in the Sudan
by Teen Voices.
Women in the Sudan have been banned from jobs that put them in contact with men. Read about this outrage and learn what you can do.

Parental Consent and Minor's Access
Young Feminists. When a girl becomes pregnant does she have to tell her parents if she wants an abortion? Does she need their permission to buy contraceptives? This article argues that girls need freedom to choose.

Gallery of Offenders
by About Face.
Ten really nasty advertising images that abuse girls and women. Includes sample letters of protest and addresses of offending companies.

Flick Picks
by GirlZone.
Express your opinion online about your most favorite or most hated movie. Read what other people think. Know what to see and what to skip.

January 2001 GrrlSmarts

Wanna Save the World?
by Virginia Pelley. A common sense guide about how to get involved in social issues without getting burned.

Find Your Perfect Match by Lucy Meher. A companion piece to the article above. This one tells how to volunteer to help others as you help yourself.

A Trip to the Art Museum by Ina Bruscher. Walking through a gallery triggers a flood of emotions and thoughts about sex discrimination in the arts.

Tying the Boy Scouts in Knots by Dan Savage. The author explores the painful dilemmas faced by gay parents and boys who want to become involved in Scouting.

December 2000 GrrlSmarts

Digital Art
by Dana Simpson. Imaginative creations done in Painter and Photoshop. Dana is a student at Oak Park-River Forest High School near Chicago. Her work is influenced by Japanese anime and western fantasy art but without annoying gender stereotypes.

It's About Time by GirlSource. A press release announcing Its About Time , described as, ".... the first health book created by and for young women that responds to urban young women's critical life questions." The book
was edited by a team of women 14-18 years old with the help of professionals in the publishing field.

The Pressure to be Perfect by Aiala. A hard-hitting essay about our society's strange obsession with being "perfect". Aiala, age 14, zeroes in on how our ideas of being "perfect" usually end up focusing on image rather than reality.

Poetry by Rachel G. Fry, Adrienne Thomas, Tanya Wynette Jo Falls Down and Tammy Sue Lowe. Several teenage Native American poets with commentary by other Native American teenagers. This is strong stuff. As Roberta Francis Behan of the Northern Arapaho Nation puts it," I have many dreams. If I could change any thing in the world, Columbus would have never found America."

graphic by the Chicago Womens Graphics Collective

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