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Feminist Salon

Our Feminist Salon is a showcase of modern feminist creativity and intelligence. We post links to interesting feminist articles and artwork elsewhere on the web as well as work submitted to this site.
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November 2001 Salon

by CROW The Croatian feminist magazine reports on an international conference about women and Internet technology. The gender gap is digital.

Beauty Which Hurts
by Vesna Pender A detailed look at the physical deformation and pain associated with "beauty". Its an ugly business.

HUMANITY DENIED: Systematic Violations of Women's Rights in AfghanistanĘ
by Human Rights Watch A very thorough analysis by the respected human rights organization.

Courageous Women
by Donna Burton A stunning series of art pieces celebrating the bravery that lies within us.

October 2001 Salon

The WTC Attack, Sept 11 2001
by Robin Morgan Longtime feminist Robin Morgan witnessed the destruction of the World Trade Center from her Greenwich Village neighborhood. She sent this e-mail to her many friends and contacts around the world the day of the attack.

Women and War
by Madeleine Bunting A British journalist reflects on the lack of women's voices in the torrent of words over the September 11th tragedy.

The people of Afghanistan have nothing to do with Osama and his accomplices
by RAWA RAWA, the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan, issued this statement shortly after the attack. RAWA is an Afghan feminist organization that works underground in Taliban controlled areas. RAWA has smuggled video of Taliban human rights abuses to news media around the world.

Peace Women speak out on the tragedy of September 11, 2001
by the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom(WILPF) An eloquent and moving page of statements and reactions from women around the planet inluding Rigoberta Menchu, Eve Ensler and Phyllis Rodriquez, whose son Greg died in the attack.

September 2001 Salon

The Hormone Wars: Mothers, daughters and estrogen
by Loretta Williams A mother going through menopause and a daughter going through adolescence discover the power that estrogen has in human relationships.

How To Sue For Sex Discrimination
Practical advice from Oprah's Oxygen web site on how to exercise your legal rights. Concise, but informative with suggestions for further research.

Eulogies for Mimi
Mimi Farina, singer, activist and sister of Joan Baez, died on July 18, 2001. Though best known for the exquistely beautiful albums she made with Richard Farina, she also worked for many years with Bread and Roses, an organization which brought the arts into California's prisons. Read the eulogies at her memorial service held in August 2001.

Stop Gender Apartheid in Afganistan
by The Feminist Majority Foundation The Taliban of Afghanistan have instituted a system of gender apartheid, effectively thrusting the women of Afghanistan into a state of virtual house arrest. Learn more and take action.

August 2001 Salon

What's Good for the Goose
by T. Santora This study explores institutional homophobia in the labor movement today and its adverse effect on the treatment of LGBT union members with domestic partners. The labor movement is slowly changing but still sings "Solidarity Forever" offkey when it comes to LGBT workers.

Poisonous Hatred in Cyberspace
by Lucia Vilankulu The daughter of an African freedom fighter reflects on her experiences with a very disturbed e-mail stalker.

Gender on Celluloid
by Riki Wilchinse Riki takes a look at Hedwig and the Angry Inch as well as other recent films about gender and decides that movies ( well- at least some movies) are dealing with gender in more than one dimension.

by Soraida Martinez Soraida Martinez is a Latina artist of Puerto Rican heritage who is known as the creator of Verdadism, a form of hard-edge abstraction in which paintings are juxtaposed with social commentaries. Visit her gallery and see how powerful art can help change the world.

July 2001 Salon

Filing an Employment Discrimination Charge with the EEOC:
by Women Employed Let the experts of Women Employed(WE) guide you through the tangle of procedures necessary to file a discrimination complaint with your Uncle Sam. He can be cantankerous and uncooperative so its nice to have some well informed women on your side.

Censorship of Women An Interview with Sanja Sarnavka Croatian feminist Sanja Sarnavka explains why the silencing of women's voices is so crucial to maintaining the sexist status quo .

The Rocky Road Ahead: US Foreign Policy Under Bush By Yifat Susskind
A member of the women's international human rights organization MADRE is not optimistic about the current resident of the US White House.

Notes from the Road By Holly Near The veteran feminist singer lets you peek at her travel diary and get a glimpse of her life and that of her many friends. Go ahead. She won't mind.

June 2001 Salon

The Gaming Industry & The Female Market
by Dr. Kathryn Wright Yes, women do play computer games even though they are not happy with the choices presented to them by that quintessentially male dominated industry. Wright presents a manifesto for change.

U.S. Feminism-Grrrl Style! Youth (Sub)Cultures and the Technologics of the Third Wave. Ednie Kaeh Garrison
Garrison looks at the "grrrl" phenomena from an academic researcher's point of view. A lengthy and challenging article that tries to explain the more rowdy style of resistance to our male supremacist culture.

New Moon Studios
by Jacque Harper. Hauntingly exquisite wood cut prints by a gifted lesbian feminist artist. Art is available for sale online.

Sisters of the Yam: Feminist Opportunism or Commitment to Struggle? By bell hooks A critical review of Katie Roiphe's anti-feminist book The Morning After. hooks explores the ugly racism that fuels Roiphe's attack on the modern women's movement.

Visit our Salon Archive for articles from December 2000-May 2001

graphic by the Chicago Women's Graphics Collective


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