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Dancers Our Feminist Salon is a showcase of modern feminist creativity and intelligence. We post links to interesting feminist articles and artwork elsewhere on the web as well as work submitted to this site.
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Dec 2000-May 2001

May 2001 Salon

Interview With The Guerilla Girls
The Guerilla Girls heap ridicule on the male dominated art world. Meet the women behind their trademark gorilla masks.

Stepping on the Harry Potter Buzz by Jane Elliot
Follow the links from the Bitch Magazine homepage and decide for yourself whether the popular Harry Potter series is just another in a long series of dreary gender stereotypes.

Speaking Out Against Global Violence
by Equality Now Using research conducted by the UN, this article explains a frightening global trend of violence against women and girls.

Flight Attendants Win OSHA Protection by The Association of Flight Attendants Learn how this overwhelmingly female workforce won important safety protection. An AFA survey taken in 1998 revealed that flight attendants had a sickness and injury rate 3 times that of other workers.

April 2001 Salon

How Much Does the Pay Gap Cost You?
by the AFL-CIO Research how the gender gap is taking a bite out of your paycheck.

Empowering Women in Medicine by the Feminist Majority Foundation
A close look at what is happening with the growing numbers of women entering the medical field. The picture is not as ugly as it was a generation ago, but much remains to be done.

Haunting Hands: Photography and Poems
by Jaeda DeWalt Powerful photocollage and poetry from a survivor of sexual abuse.

Amy Ray Does It Her Way by Brooke Shelby Biggs Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls now has a solo album all her own. In this article Amy talks about her music, her continuing work with the Indigo Girls, and the women's indie music scene.

March 2001 Salon

Breaking Holy Ground: Feminism in today's religion
by Carol Bass A diverse group of women ranging from a Zen Buddhist priest to a Catholic nun discuss how feminists are transforming traditionally patriarchal religions.

Problackgrrrl-Feminism & The Building of A Black Grrrl Revolution by Brigette M. Moore
An excerpt from an upcoming book which forcefully argues that feminism is the natural birthright of all women.

Welfare Basics: The Facts about Welfare
by Women Employed The well known working women's advocacy group patiently demolishes the myths about public assistance in this factual, but very disturbing report. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it, available HERE.

What did Nader Bashing say about Feminism? by J. Lee Polnachek The Nader candidacy drew a sharp dividing line through American feminism. Polnachek argues that the feminist "Nader-bashers" got it all wrong.

February 2001 Salon

My Life as a Frustrated Feminist in a Conservative County: The Millennium Dating Hoopla by Susan Gartner
Feminist dating advice from a former suburban newspaper columnist and cable TV show host.

Building the Digital Sisterhood by Lakshmi Chaudhry .
A disturbing February 2000 interview with Anita Borg of the Institute for Women and Technology about the decline of women in the computer science field.

Women CS Majors Declining posted by Roblimo.
Reactions to the Anita Borg "Digital Sisterhood" article from the mostly male readers of Slashdot, the iconoclastic computer geek website. A few of the guys get it.

Bush Connects Faith-Based Program to Anti-abortion Agenda by The Feminist Majority Online. A February 2 news report on how the Bush administration's new faith based initiative on social services is also a stealth anti-abortion strategy.

January 2001 Salon

Little Dot Coms by Kristin Lems.
Feminist singer/composer Kristin Lems pokes musical fun at those annoying sites that litter up cyberspace. You will need a plugin to listen. Details available on the site.

Defining Chicana Feminism by various authors.
Chicana feminists define what feminism means to them. A variety of short intense explanations.

Feminism in the Czech Republic by Petra Hanáková and Jirina Sikolvá.
Two contrasting views of feminism in this Central European nation.

Excerpt from " Photo Finish " by Sara Paretsky. Chicago's favorite feminist detective, V.I. Warshawsky, takes on a new case in this excerpt from a short story published in Family Circle magazine.

December 2000 Salon

A Racist Elephant in Our Living Room by Laura Flanders.
A sobering analysis of the systematic disenfranchisement of Black voters in Florida during the recent Presidential election. Read it and be enraged. Be very enraged.

The Hot Zone by Paula Kamen. A review of Rebecca Chalker's new book The Clitoral Truth: The Secret World at Your Fingertips . Reviewer Paula Kamen is a local Chicago writer and a strong supporter of the Herstory Project.

Out of the Cave by Kathleen Trigiani. Provocative feminist essays about John Gray's pop psychology "Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus" series. Definitely not seen on Oprah.

Cover to Cover by D.M. Brown. Announcement of a mystery novel by feminist writer D.M. Brown. Also includes a message board and opportunities for online chat

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