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Center for Capacity Building on Minorities with Disabilities Research


Back-to-School & Work

Dates: 1993-1997
Population: Latino Dropout Youth
Funding Source: OSEP

Purpose: Recruit and Empower youth with disabilities to return to education programs and/or become gainfully employed by providing case management and skills development

Empowerment for Transitions

Dates: 1997-2000
Population: African American and Latino Freshmen & Sophomore
Funding Source: OSEP

Purpose: To promote effective supports that increase opportunities for inclusion into general education program by developing students abilities to become proactive in their educational and vocational development as a means for dropout prevention. Find out more

Empowering Choices

Dates: 1997-2000
Population: African American & Latino Juniors & Seniors
Funding Source: RSA

Purpose: Prepare a group of participants for competitive employment or post-secondary education after graduation by empowering them through the use of intensive case management and skills development. Find out more

Urban Passage Mentoring

Dates: 2000-2002
Population: Adjudicated youth with disabilities
Funding Source: Illinois Planning Council on Developmental Disabilities

Purpose: Provide skills development and mentors to a group of 12-14 year olds as a mechanism for reducing at-risk behaviors and promoting improved school performance. Find out more

Project LEAP

Dates: 2000-2001
Population: Young Adults with Disabilities exiting CPS
Funding Source: CPS

Purpose: To provide continued support to young adults completing secondary education in the CPS system. Support includes instruction on rights and resources that will maximize access to positive post-school outcomes.

Promoting the ADA in the Latino Community

Dates: 1993- 1997
Population: Latino Adults with Disabilities, Business Community of Chicago
Funding Source: NIDRR

Purpose: Educate and organize Latinos with Disabilities in Chicago about the Americans with Disability Act and promote enforcement of the act through advocacy training and community education.

An Empowerment Approach to Promote Goal Attainment among Vocational Rehabilitation Consumers

Dates: 1990-1993
Population: VR consumers
Funding Source: OSEP

Purpose: Experimentally evaluate an empowering approach for promoting goal attainment among VR consumers. Examine the effectiveness of the approach under field conditions

Transitional Opportunities Project

Dates: 2001- 2004
Population: Middle School and High School Youth with Disabilities
Funding Source: Chicago Mayor's Office for Workforce Development (WIA/TWIA)

Purpose: Provide comprehensive transition support to youth starting at the middle school level and continuing through post-secondary age. Meets the goals of the Workforce Investment Act with regards to in-school youth.

Promoting Compliance with the ADA through Capacity Building

Dates: 1997 -2000
Population: African American and Latino Adults with disabilities from the city of Chicago
Funding Source: NIDRR

Purpose: Develop and evaluate a model for building community capacity to promote compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act in the city of Chicago. The project included several model demonstration projects and accessibility assessments across the city.