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Crimes of War

child soldiers

Fourth Freedom

Institute for
Policy Studies

UN Office - Human

Human Rights


Lawyers for Human

Physicians for
Human Rights

War Child Projects

Digital Divide

US Government

Impact of Race
on Computer Use

Cities, Gangs and Violence

Chicago = Blue
New York City = Red
London = Orange

Homicide And Globalization
Chicago vs. New York City and London

Why have homicides dropped in New York City but not Chicago?And why are US cities so much less safe than European cities?

"Gangs, Space, and Violence in Chicago" - a study at
the UIC Great Cities Institute

Funded by the

Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation

Gangs in the Global Era

Gangs around the Globe
- Sites on Gangs in countries outside the United States of America

Which Country is safer? Brazil or the United States? Some surprising charts

Children in Organised Armed Violence- a twelve nation study

Contested Cities - Why are some cities persistently violent?

Gangs in the Global City - Soon an edited volume from
The University of Illinois Press

Terrorism and Gangs

Mark Twain's
Classic Anti - War
Complete Text

Are Gangs Terrorists? - The Nature of Gangs in Late Modernity

Susan Sontag on Terrorism

Noam Chomsky on 9-11

NBC on Gangs and Terrorism (Video clip)

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