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National Youth
Gang Surve
y &
official statistics from
Gang Youth Center

Gang Related
- Best
Overview of laws
on Gangs

Racial Disparities
and the War on Drugs

Human Rights Watch
and US Policy

Office of Juvenile
Justice & Delinquency

Irv Spergel on Progam

Mike Davis- Beyond
Blade Runner
- on LA's
problems from
Ecology of Fear

Crime and the Media
Off Balance - -
From Florida State

Youth, Race, Crime,
and the News

Official Stereotypes
of Chicago Gangs

Chicago Crime

National Alliance
of Gang Investigation

National Major
Gang Task Force



Gang Research
Seminars on Gangs 
Definition of Gangs - How has the definition of Gangs

has changed over the years?

Stereotypes - What are some of the most common mistaken ideas about gangs?

Female Gangs - Are girl gangs as violent as boys?

Official Statistics - Could official statistics lie?
Criminal Justice Policy

Chicago's Gang Loitering Ordinance
an overview and resources

more than police and prison is required

The New York Wilding Case- "superpredator hoax" -
a commentary by Mumia Abu-Jamal

Gangs and Milwaukee


Gangs in Milwaukee
- Research on Milwaukee gangs

Milwaukee is in Trouble- Perspectives on a rustbelt city

UWM Center for Economic Development - Data on polarization and racism in Milwaukee.
UWM Center for Urban Initiatives & Research - Research and Policy.
Gang Research vs. Media Images

Luis Rodriguez
Field Research in Chicago - classics of gang research

"The Power of Symbols"
by Dwight Conquergood

Luis Rodriguez: Excerpt from "Always Running"

Hypocrisy in Cicero- Betty's war on gangs
A History of Gangs in Los Angeles- From

War on Drugs

War on Drugs- resources
Drug Policy Alliance - the best anti-drug war organization
The Sentencing Project- common sense on sentencing
Drug War Facts - a good checklist of resources
The Drug War Clock
-how much do we spend on the drug war?