This is a handbill passed out to Chicago's Black Belt residents in 1951 as Lake Meadows Housing Project was being developed. This project was built as a "buffer" between the Loop and the Black Belt. Urban redevelopment in Chicago has served to segregate and re-segregate Black people.

Gangs in the white community served as defensive troops, resisting by violence any incursion by the Black invaders. Black gangs organized in defense and clashes took place between white and black gangs throughout the industrial era.Segregationist violence took place throughout the industrial era.

Gangs at that time were also tied to the machine's Policy operation, which employed more Black men than any other sector of Chicago's economy. Only with the take-over of the Policy operation by the "outfit" and the demotion of African Americans, did the influence of Policy wane.

This leaflet points out that African American gangs cannot be understood without understanding the ghetto.

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