Graffiti Art

Graffiti goes as far back as during World War II when someone wrote "Kilroy was here" in a startling number of places in our country and abroad. During the fifties streetgangs used graffiti for self-promotion, marking territorial boundaries and intimidation.Around 1969 something changed and graffiti became a way of life with its own code of behavior, secret gathering places, slang, and esthetic stands for hundreds of New York City youths. No one knows who started graffiti during this era but we do know who made it famous. It was TAKI 183.The origin of tagging, began in New York City in the early 70s by Vic, a mail courier who rode the local subways and buses to deliver his packages. He set a goal for himself to visit every subway and ride every busy in NY. (aka "All City") He began to write his name (Vic) and his courier ID number (156) on every subway and bus he rode on. Phase 2 (bubble styles), Case 2, Tracy 168, Sly II, Chain 3, Lee 163d, Julio 204, Frank 207 and Joe 136 were many early NYC tag names as well as originators of various styles of piecing such as: bubble, wavy, Bway tags, jagged, flava, transparent, and comicbook.

(Source: Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute and

Examples of Graffiti



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