Bachelor of Business Administration Degree Completion Program
College of Business Administration, University of Illinois at Chicago


Thank you for your interest in the UIC online Bachelor of Business Administration Degree Completion Program. While it was a pleasure and privilege to serve you, the UIC College of Business Administration has chosen to discontinue the online BBA program and is no longer accepting applications for the program.

A Note to Current BBA Students:

After lengthy discussions the College of Business Administration faculty has voted to eliminate our online BBA program. There are a number of reasons for this decision, but the primary ones involve the budgetary pressures on the College and our related ability to identify instructors for the program with the credentials that will allow us to maintain AACSB accreditation for the online program.

However, we will continue to offer the online BBA program courses and, if you so desire, will fully support you in your efforts to receive the BBA degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). Our only recommendation is that you complete all coursework for the degree by the end of calendar year 2015. This timing - even for the January, 2012, enrollees – will allow you to complete the degree requirements by taking one course for each eight-week session. As always, you can continue to make progress toward your degree at a faster pace by taking more than one course per session.

We believe that a BBA degree will continue to be valuable to you as you advance in your career. However, we understand if our decision to eliminate this program causes you to reconsider you educational options. If so, we have identified two institutions which have similar online BBA programs and reputations as ours and are AACSB accredited:

University of Illinois at Springfield

Indiana University East

We are working with these two institutions to define a simplified admission process for you. Additionally, you will not be charged another application/transfer fee for the transfer of documents. If you have further questions, please contact John Fyfe at or (312) 996-5933.