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Successful Student

We want all of our students to succeed. Our programs are designed with you in mind, but research shows that to be successful in online education, a student must demonstrate certain characteristics.

Above all, a successful online student should possess a learning style that is self-directed and self-motivated. Many online students have been in the workforce for several years and have acquired these traits through the delicate balance of their professional and family lives.

Online students also need to be powerful communicators. The growth of the Internet has expanded the amount of reading and writing in our lives, but it has also done much to undermine effective communication. Companies—your future employers—are looking for people who can lead by combining their powerful writing and presentation skills with mastery of communication technologies.

Hand-in-hand with being self-directed and powerful communicators is the need to be critical thinkers and decision-makers. An online learning environment requires that you draw conclusions on reading assignments and other activities on your own. As an efficient communicator, you also need to develop your ideas and answers before responding to questions or message postings.

In the end, the qualities that make a successful online student are also the qualities that employers are seeking in today’s business, organizational, and academic leaders: mastery of their schedules, communications, strategies, and decisions.

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