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Welcome to the National Policy section of RIN! Here you will find links to United States policy and government sites.

See also Illinois Policy and Chicago Policy.


National Voter Guides
National Voting Records
National Voter Communities Online
National Organizations
National Legislative Sites

National Voter Guides

In this section are voting guides, plus sites where you can find out who is running, who occupies which office, and how to contact them.

Non-Government Sites

National League of Women Voters: Voter Information
Links to publications on the issues, candidate information, "Get Out and Vote/Take a Friend to Vote," and links to other Web sites of interest.

Project Vote-Smart
Receive information on the Illinois Governor, Lt. Governor, and the Illinois General Assembly, plus on U.S. Senators and Representatives.

League of Conservation Voters: Eye on Congress
Links include LCV letters to Congress and the 1999 National Environmental Scorecard. Offers option to subscribe to LCV-Update for the latest information and results of environmental votes within 48 hours. Find out more about the LCV at

Women's Voting Guide
Register and receive information on U.S. Senators and Representatives. Find out more about the Women's Voting Guide at

Number of women serving as state governors in 1998...3 [1]

National Voting Records

Non-Government Sites
ACLU: Voting Records
Find out more about the American Civil Liberties Union at
Government Sites

U.S. Legislative Branch Internet Resources
This webpage links to information about the U.S. Congress. It also includes links to other legislative agencies and commissions, and to information sources for legislative research.

National Voter Communities Online

Non-Government Sites
"Votenet is an online community serving politicians, candidates, and citizens alike: Democrats, Republicans, or any political party; conservatives or liberals; federal, state, or local candidates; presidents, senators, or representatives; Votenet is the place for FREE campaign software and other online political services."

National Organizations

AFL-CIO Working Women
National labor organization addressing women's equity, work issues, and union issues. Sections available that discuss the pay gap, working women conference 2000, facts about working women, working families, working together for children, national and state equal pay summaries. As well as other issues of interest to the working woman and ways to get active.

American Association of University Women (AAUW)
American Association of University Women (AAUW) promotes education and equity for all women and girls. The organization posts AAUW voting record for 105th and 106th Congresses. It posts fact sheets and position papers on civil rights, education, family and medical leave, managed care, reproductive rights, social security and medicare reform. It also offers publications and studies about girls and education.

American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)
American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is a bi-partisan, individual membership association of state legislators. ALEC's national task force provides a forum for legislators and the private sector to discuss issues, develop policies and write model legislation. ALEC's Legislative Network enables like-minded legislators to meet counterparts in other state and exchange ideas on policies and legislation. Focus group topics range from Commerce and Economic Development to Trade and Transportation to Health and Human Services; Policy areas range from Agriculture to Environment to Health Care to Welfare reform and social services. Alec's operational strategy is to promote the principles of federalism by developing and promoting policies that reflect the Jeffersonian principles that the powers of government are derived from, and assigned to, first the People, then the States, and finally the National Government. Good links to state and federal agencies.

Business and Professional Women/USA
Focuses on economic equity for women, provides networking opportunities, career positioning, educational programs. Also lobbies US Congress for economic equity for women. Maintains a legislative report card for members of Congress and a Congress Vote Database.

Center for American Women and Politics
The Center for American Women and Politics (CAWP) covers both state (IL) and national level politics. CAWP provides a list of all women candidates, posts election results and provides the latest information about women in elected office. Facts on Illinois policy can be found in the state-by-state section. Data on gender gap, voting patterns, PAC's and donors can be found. CAWP reports on term limits, representing women, and young women and politics are available. The site includes links to major parties and campaign news from major news outlets.

Center for Women Policy Studies
The Center for Women Policy Studies is a national policy research and advocacy institution. It is independent, feminist, multicultural and multiethnic and promotes equality and justice for all women. The center conducts qualitative and quantitative research, analyzes policy and legislation, sponsors seminars, publishes reports, policy papers and has advocacy role. The Center's website posts state legislative reports, action alerts, model opeds. The center has state policy advisory council.

Electronic Policy Network
The Electronic Policy Network (EPN) is a consortium of top public policy organizations and advocacy groups. The EPN was founded in 1995, in part by America Prospect Magazine. It provides a wide scoped forum with a progressive and liberal bent for debate on topics such as democracy and civic participation, media old and new, economic policy, health policy, public policy programs, political science departments, education, senior citizens, welfare and families, women's rights, and youth. The site provides topical links on health policy, welfare and families, education, democracy and civic participation, media old and new, economic policy, public policy programs and political science departments.

FedStats is a comprehensive list of national and state government agencies that publish statistics. Topics are organized A to Z (Agriculture, AIDs/HIV, Banking; Children, etc.) Visitors can search for over 70 federal agnecies. The FedStats Briefing rooms contain fast facts on the latest social and economic indicators. Statistics are available on Agriculture, Population and Demographics, Labor Force, Business and Banking, Crime, Education, Energy and Enviroment, National Accounts, and Miscellaneous.

Gallup Poll
ManagingGallup Poll is a recognized leader in survey research. National policy and Illinois state policy available on several topics such as politics and elections, business and economy, social issues, managing lifestyle, etc. Site offers ability to search for polling data by topic. Some polls are broken down by gender.

Girls Inc. is a national youth organization based in Indianapolis which provides vital educational programs to girls, helping them confront societal messages about their value and potential. Girls Inc. develops research based informal educational programs that encourage girls to take risks and master physical, intellectual and emotional challenges. Issues addressed include math and science education, pregnancy prevention, media literacy, adolescent health, substance abuse prevention, and sports participation. Girls Inc. also plays an advocacy role informing policymakers about girls' needs nationally and locally. Girls Inc. commissions and synthesizes research about girls and young women in the U.S.

Institute for Women's Policy Research
The Institute for Women's Policy Research (IWPR) is an independent, non-profit public policy research organization dedicated to informing the debate on public policy issues important to women and their families. Issues addressed include poverty and welfare, employment and earnings, work and family issues, health care, domestic violence, women's civic and political participation. Focus is on conducting original research. Research-topics include: Employment, Earning and Economic Change, Democracy and Society, Poverty, Welfare and Income Security, Work and Family, Health and Violence. The site has resource links to general resources, resources on the web, and specific subject areas. IWPR is affiliated with George Washington University.

National Council for Research on Women
530 Broadway, 10th floor
New York, NY 10012-3920
(212) 274-0730
Fax (212) 274-0821
The National Council for Research on Women, founded in 1981, is a working alliance of 92 women's research and policy centers, more than 3,000 affiliates and a network of over 200
international centers. NCRW's mission is to enhance the connections among research, policy
analysis, advocacy, and innovative programming on behalf of women and girls. Headings include: Research for Action, Resources, Global Initiatives

National League of Women Voters
1730 M Street NW, Suite 1000
Washington, DC 20036-4508
Phone: 202-429-1965
Fax: 202-429-0854

National Organization for Women
The National Organization for Women was founded in the late 1960s to advance women's equality in society. NOW strives to: eliminate discrimination and harassment in the work-place, schools, the justice system, and all other sectors of society; secure abortion ,birth control and reproductive rights for all women; end all forms of violence against women; eradicate racism, sexism, and homophobia; promote equality and justice in our society. The website is a good source of information with a liberal bent. Key Issues:Abortion, Affirmative Action, Economic Equity, Electoral politics, Fighting the right, Global feminism, Legislation, Lesbian rights, Media activism, Racial and ethnic diversity, Violence against women, Women-friendly workplace, Women in the military, Young feminism.

National Political Index
The National Political Index provides an index of substantive political information for voters, political activists, political consultants, lobbyists, politicians, academicians, and media editors with a wide range of products, information, services, simulations, games, and polling in an interactive communications environment.The web site aims to provide a one-stop shop for substantive political information coupled with interactivity to stimulate the habits of mind that are associated with rational thought. Links range from the John Birch Society to Out Now!

National Women's Political Caucus
The National Women's Political Caucus NWPC is a multi-partisan, national grassroots membership organization dedicated to identifying, recruiting, training and supporting pro-choice women for elected and appointed office at all levels of government. The NWPC also conducts recruitment efforts and campaign training, researches issues of importance to women, especially as they relate to providing a level playing field in the American electoral process. The site provides news and opinion articles, news releases, position papers, speeches, and information about recent events.

State Net delivers vital data, legislative intelligence and in-depth reporting for people
who care about the actions of government. Based in Sacramento, CA, the company was
created by legislative experts who invented a computerized tracking system that has evolved
into the nation's leading source of legislative and regulatory information. State Net monitors 100% of all pending bills and regulations in the 50 states and Congress. State Net publishes a variety of online and print publications from the highly acclaimed California Journal to the nationally popular State Net Capitol Journal. You must subscribe to get this service.

Older Women's League (OWL)
The Older Women's League (OWL) is a national, grassroots, non-profit organization that focuses on issues unique to women as they age. OWL strives to improve the status and quality of life for mid-life and older women. OWL provides programs of interest to midlife and older women on the following issues: Health Care, Financial Security, Access to Housing and Housing Alternatives, Job Discrimination and Discrimination in the Home, The Image of Midlife and Older Women, Control to the End of Life, Ending Violence against Women and the Elderly. OWL conducts research, education and advocacy activities through a chapter network. An annual Mother's Day Report addresses managed health care, retirement income for women, caregiving, housing and domestic violence. Fact sheets are posted on a wide range of issues.

Polling Report
The Polling Report is an independent nonpartisan resource on trends in American public opinion. Key word searches on the following subjects: abortion, budget, crime, education, environment, foreign affairs, government/politics, guns, health, business/economy, the american scene, insights, and the national barometer.

National Legislative Sites

THOMAS: Legislative Information on the Internet
"In the spirit of Thomas Jefferson, a service of The Library of Congress." Full text access to current bills under consideration in the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate, the "Congressional Record," committee information, and frequently asked questions. The site links to other federal resources including Library of Congress, General Printing Office, General Accounting Office, Congressional Budget Office, Architect of the Capitol, Office of Technology Assessment, etc.

U.S. Women Leaders in Government Compared to Other Nations
Source: United Nations, Statistics and Indicators on the World's Women, 1997.

Women Leaders in Philanthropy
Source: The National Foundation for Women Business Owners Press Release, "Business Women of Achievement Are Independent Philanthropists," 11/12/99.

date last updated: 5/06/02

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[1] Office for Women's Affairs, Indiana University, "Majority Report Index," Majority Report 13, no. 1 (October 1999), p. 8, (14 June 2000).