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Violence and Safety in the United States

This section includes information on women's experiences with sexual assault, domestic violence, and other forms of violence; and links to organizations that work with and for women survivors of violence.

See also Violence and Safety in Chicago and Violence and Safety in Illinois.


Domestic Violence (Includes spousal, elder, and child abuse)
Domestic Violence and Welfare Receipt
Sexual Assault
Women Offenders
Girls in the Juvenile Justice System
Organizations for General Information


Crime & Justice Electronic Data Abstracts
Downloadable crime data in spreadsheet format from the U.S. Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics, broken down by topic and by jurisdiction (city, county, state and national.)

National Archive of Criminal Justice Data
Abstracts and datasets available for download.

Justice Research and Statistics Association
Via a clickable map, links to Statistical Analysis Centers for all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the Northern Mariana Islands.

National Institute of Justice Publications and Products
Online archive of reports by the National Institute of Justice on topics in crime, criminal justice, and corrections.

Justice Information Center - National Criminal Justice Reference Service
"One of the most extensive sources of information on criminal and juvenile justice in the world, providing services to an international community of policymakers and professionals. NCJRS is a collection of clearinghouses supporting all bureaus of the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs." Full-text reports are available by topic.

Sex Differences in Violent Victimization, 1994
Report from the Bureau of Justice Statistics discussing differences in victimization patterns by gender.

Domestic Violence

Abuse and Women With Disabilities by Margaret A. Nosek, Ph.D.,
and Carol A. Howland, M.P.H.
February 1998 research report hosted by VAWnet at the University of Minnesota, a project of the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence.

Domestic and Family Violence: National Criminal Justice Reference Service
This site by the National Criminal Justice Reference Service provides online reports and statistics regarding domestic and family violence in both text and Adobe Acrobat .PDF format.

Domestic Violence Awareness Manual
This manual on domestic violence by the Violence Against Women Office of the U.S. Department of Justice provides information and guidelines for recognizing and handling domestic violence situations.

The Family Violence Prevention Fund
A national non-profit organization that focuses on domestic violence education, prevention and public policy reform. Compiles an up-to-date general fact sheet on domestic violence and regularly commissions public opinion studies. Also onducts studies and compiles statistics on critical issues related to domestic violence in the healthcare, criminal justice, children's, military and workplace arenas. An award-winning Web site.

Violence By Intimates
"A compilation of statistical data maintained by the Bureau of Justice Statistics and the Federal Bureau of Investigation on violence between people who have an intimate relationship -- spouses, ex-spouses, boyfriends, girlfriends, and former boyfriends and girlfriends....Intimate violence predominantly affects women as victims." Available in Adobe Acrobat, ASCII text, and paper.

Who Are the Victims?
Summary statistics on victims of violence and sexual assault by the Violence Against Women Office of the U.S. Department of Justice.

Domestic Violence and Welfare Receipt

Poverty, Welfare and Battered Women: What Does the Research Tell Us? by Eleanor Lyon, Ph.D.
This site is a cooperative project of VAWO, the Violence Against Women Office, Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice; and MINCAVA, the Minnesota Center Against Violence & Abuse at the University of Minnesota.

Sexual Assault

National Statistics, Child Rape Victims, 1992
U.S. Department of Justice summary of statistics from 1992 data gathered from 15 states on child sexual assault victims. Information is available in Adobe Acrobat and ASCII text.

Violence Against Women: Estimates from the Redesigned National Crime Victimization Survey, 8/16/95
Statistics from the U.S. Department of Justice website, based on the 1995 National Crime Victimization Survey. Information is available in both Adobe Acrobat and ASCII text.


Stalking in America: Findings from the National Violence Against Women Survey
National Institute of Justice research report published in April 1998.


NCJRS: Preventing Crime: What Works, What Doesn't, What's Promising
National Institute of Justice research report to Congress on crime prevention, including information on crime prevention in schools, families, and communities.

NCJRS Crime Prevention Reports
An extensive archive of online reports made available by the National Criminal Justice Reference Service on the topic of crime prevention can be accessed here.

Women Offenders

Keeping Incarcerated Mothers and Their Daughters Together irlsct.txt
1995 National Institute of Justice report on girls and their incarcerated mothers.

Women in Prison, March 1994 Report
1994 National Criminal Justice Reference Service report on women prisoners.

NCJRS Archive on Corrections
Additional general reports from the National Criminal Justice Reference Service on corrections topics can be found here.

Percentage of federal and state prison population who were female in 1996....6.3 [1]

Girls in the Juvenile Justice System

Female Offenders in the Juvenile Justice System of.txt
1996 research report from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention.

Juvenile Court Statistics, 1994 3709.txt
Statistical report by the National Center for Juvenile Justice, including a section which discusses cases by sex of the offender.

What About Girls? OJJDP Fact Sheet #84 s-9884.txt
Report from the Office of Juvenile Justice with some statistics on young women offenders.

OJJDP Archive: General Corrections Reports for Juvenile Offenders
The Office of Juvenile Justice Deliquency Prevention maintains an extensive archive of reports on juvenile offenders and corrections. Archival reports are also available for:

Delinquency Prevention

Juvenile Justice


Child Sexual Exploitation: Improving Investigations and Protecting Victims. xploit.txt
Policy report by Education Development Center, Inc., Massachusetts Child Exploitation Network, funded by the U.S. Department of Justice.

Georgia Commission on Family Violence
Model protocols created for batterers' classes, judges, medical professionals, prosecutors, and law enforcement.

State and County Standards on Domestic Violence Education
Michigan Comnet's directory of links to online state and county standards for batterer intervention and domestic violence education.

Organizations for General Information

National Domestic Violence Hotline
1-800-787-3224 (TDD number for the hearing impaired)
This 24-hour, toll-free hotline provides crisis assistance and local shelter referrals to callers nationwide.

National Clearinghouse on Marital and Date Rape
2325 Oak Street
Berkeley, CA 94708
Phone: 510-524-1582

National Network to End Domestic Violence
701 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. Suite 900
Washington, DC 20004
Phone: 202-347-9520
FAX: 202-434-7400

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Policy Office
119 Constitution Avenue, NE
Washington, DC 20002
Phone: 202-544-7358
FAX: 202-544-7893

National Center for Women and Policing

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[1] Office for Women's Affairs, Indiana University, "Majority Report Index," Majority Report 13, no. 1 (October 1999), p. 8, (14 June 2000).