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Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Aging with Developmental Disabilities

Technical Assistance Evaluation

Greetings! The RRTCADD provided Technical Assistance (TA) to you in the past year. As a part of our annual evaluation of our TA services that we provide to agencies and organizations, we would like your feedback so that we can improve our services to you.


1a) Other (please specify):

During the past year, please tell us about the TA services that you received from the RRTCADD.

2) Please tell us what type of technical assistance you have received from the RRTCADD?
    (please check all that apply)


2a) Other (please specify):                                       

3) What was the general topic of your request?
    (please check all that apply)


3a) Other (please specify):                                       

4) As a result of this technical assistance, which of the following occurred in your agency or organization?
    (please check all that apply)

            # of participants trained  

Please tell us about what materials were developed:                                       


Please describe the changes:                                       


Please tell us about the changes:                                       

5) Overall, what is your level of satisfaction with the technical assistance that was provided?

Highly satisfied      Satisfied      Somewhat satisfied      Not at all satisfied     

5a) Please tell us what you liked or did not like about the technical assistance:    

5b) Please tell us how we could have been more helpful:    

Thank you for taking the time to complete this evaluation and share your feedback and comments to us. We look forward to finding out ways to improve our services!

If you have any additional questions or comments and would like to give us your email, we will respond to you as soon as possible. Also, feel free to call or email Tamar Heller, PhD at 312-413-1647 with any comments or questions.

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