June 1, 2006 through September 30, 2006

We would like for you to complete and submit an updated progress report for your RRTCADD project by Friday, October 20, 2006. Please go to your project website to review your project (this site is not actively linked to any public webpage).

  1. Health Promotion for Adults with I/DD: Train-the-Trainer Program (R1)
  2. Database for Measuring Health Outcomes in Older Adults with ID (R2)
  3. Improving Health Experiences and Access to Health Services for Women with I/DD (R3)
  4. Behavioral Risk Factors and Utilization of Health Care for Persons with I/DD and Their Family Caregivers (R4)
  5. State-Level Estimation of Severe Disability and Aging Families (R5)
  6. Aging Latino and African American Caregivers of Children with DD (R6)
  7. Aging with a Dual Diagnosis: Families of Individuals with DD and/or Severe Mental Health Problems (R7)
  8. Outcomes of Consumer-Directed Family Support (R8)
  9. Supporting Siblings and Adults with Intellectual and I/DD in Planning for the Future (R9)
  10. Assessing Community Environments and Participation with People with I/DD: A Consumer Directed Approach (R10)
  11. Supports for Informal and Formal Carers Caring for Adults with ID Affected by Alzheimer's Disease (R11)
  12. Factors Associated with State Utilization of Nursing Facilities for Individuals with DD (R12)
  13. Later Life Mentoring and Self-Advocacy Training (T6)
You can find a link to the Project Progress Report page at the bottom of the first section titled "Project Progress Report." Once you complete the report and submit, you will also automatically receive an email with the report; you can also print the report for your records.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this progress report. If you have any questions, please feel free to call Kelly Hsieh at 312-413-1530 or email hsieh@uic.edu or call Beth Marks at 312-413-4097 or email bmarks1@uic.edu.