Health Insurance Changes: Why You Should Care

Advance Notice: 2014 CMS Dependent Eligibility Verification Audit

What is Happening?

CMS has two separate processes currently underway.  One is an audit to confirm the eligibility of covered dependents.  This process impacts ALL current employees and retirees.  You can learn more about the audit here (the November 18 announcement sent to UIC employees), here (the November 22 follow-up announcement detailing the new timeline for current employees), and here (the CMS website on the Dependent Eligibility Verification Audit with information for current employees and retirees). 

For the Dependent Verification Audit, there are different timelines for current employees and retirees. Please note that the current employees’ dependent audit has been delayed until Summer 2014, and current employees do not need to submit any documentation at this time.  However, retirees must still meet the December 6th deadline.

The other process relates to changes in health care for retirees, and an Open Enrollment that is currently underway but ending very soon.  This Open Enrollment period is not for current employees – it is only for the Medicare eligible retirees.  You can learn more about the changes here (a UIC SUAA notification to retirees that includes links to a number of CMS resources) and here (a UIC SUAA notification highlighting the recorded/online TRAIL Informational Seminar).

Why Should You Care?

The CMS Dependent Eligibility Verification Audit process will impact current employees this Summer.  Failure to provide the required documentation to HMS during the Summer 2014 audit period will result in termination of your dependent coverage.  There are steps you can take now to prepare for the audit, detailed in the campus announcement posted on our blog.

Many from our UIC community also have family, friends and colleagues who have retired from the University of Illinois.  For retirees, the Open Enrollment period is NOW – if they do not take action by the December deadlines, they risk losing health insurance until the next Open Enrollment (e.g. they will lose their Cigna insurance until January 1, 2015).  Retirees must also submit dependent verification documentation by the December 6th deadline.  Failure to provide the required documentation to HMS will result in termination of their dependent coverage.  We urge you to reach out to your retired family, friends and colleagues to make sure they are aware of these important upcoming deadlines.


Michael Moss.
Chair, the Academic Professional Advisory Committee (APAC).

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