2013 Janice Watkins Award
For Distinguished Civil Service

Nominations for the annual Janice Watkins Award for Civil Service Support Staff are now being accepted. The deadline is July 19, 2013, at noon.

The Janice Watkins Award for Distinguished Civil Service is an accolade given to exceptional support staff employees for distinguished civil service. This award is a memorial to Janice Watkins, an individual who exemplified such service. Janice Watkins worked as a supervisor in the Insurance Office on UIC's east campus. 

Janice served as President of the Staff Advisory Council, as well as having served on several UIC committees. Janice was employed by the university for over ten years. She also dedicated time to external activities, as she had a heart for the people in her community. Her earliest community service began while she attended DuSable High School. Janice was a charter member of the DuSable Museum and a volunteer at Englewood Hospital.  Janice was virtually known by the entire UIC community. 

On the evening of December 19, 1974, while Janice was leaving work, she was hit by an automobile and was tragically killed. At the request of the Civil Service Staff Advisory Council, UIC instituted an award for distinguished civil service as a memorial to Janice Watkins and her dedication to her co-workers, fellow employees and the entire community.

Nomination Procedure:

Please download the 2013 nomination form.

The nomination form should be filled out and signed by the nominator according to the instructions provided on the form.   Submissions can be made by any person (faculty, staff, or student) familiar with the nominee’s activities. Completed forms and letters of support may be scanned and emailed to, or mailed to Graundia A. Smith, 242 SCW M/C 579, 828 S. Wolcott Ave., Chicago, IL 60612 no later than July 19, 2013, at 12 p.m. More than one individual per department may be nominated.

2013 Janice Watkins Award winners will receive a $1000.00 award, certificate and gold pin.

For further information, feel free to contact either of the following:

Darlene Kendall, President, S.A.C - E-mail:              Phone (312) 996-5193                                                         
Graundia Smith, Vice President S.A.C. - E-mail:       Phone (312) 413-5902

Janice Watkins Award Winners 1979 - 2012


  1. To honor the achievements attained by one of the universities most valuable group of employees, our support staff.
  2. To invoke recognition of the dedication demonstrated by support staff to people of the campus and community.
  3. To give exceptional supports staff the gratitude of the university and the recognition of their peers, in the form of the Janice Watkins Award.