Janice Watkins Award Criteria
For Distinguished Civil Service

Every year, nomination forms are printed and distributed to all faculty, nonacademic employees, and students, and published in UIC News.


  1. Exhibit a pleasant, warm demeanor; be very cooperative; be well informed and provide willing assistance to other; perform required duties completely with diligence and dedication; extend themselves beyond performance of regular duties and participate in campus/community activities or organizations that are beneficial to the University and the community at large (for example hospital volunteer, school volunteer, social service work, word with youth/elderly, etc.)
  2. Be currently employed on campus or retired or disabled.  Deceased former employees are also eligible to be nominated for the award.
  3. Be willing to accept the award.  (If the honoree is deceased, the family will be contacted concerning acceptance.)
  4. If the nominee is a current UIC employee (including central administration), he or she must be in full-time support staff position with at least the equivalent of two full-time years of employment at the time of their nomination. Service accumulated during a past appointment at Urbana will be considered in the total service time.

Nomination forms are submitted to the director of human resources.  These nomination forms are given to a screening committee consisting of support staff to review for eligibility and to recruit letters in support of the nominations. When these are received, the committee selects a maximum of three candidates who are qualified to receive, the committee selects a maximum of three candidates who qualified to receive this award. They present the results to the Staff Advisory Council for review. The council forwarded to the chancellor for final approval.

The chancellor presents the Janice Watkins Award for Distinguished Civil Service each year at a ceremony held at UIC.