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Caterpillar Co-op

Caterpillar is re-instating their co-op program, which includes many benefits that are not available to interns, such as:

•  Higher salary

•  Medical benefits

•  Accrued service time

•  401(k)

In addition to the requirements below, we ask students for a commitment to 2 non-consecutive semesters of employment at Caterpillar and graduation within 6 years. Co-oppositions can occur in the Spring, Summer, or Fall 2006. All interested candidates must meet the following requirements:

•  Must have a minimum UIC GPA of 2.8/4.0

•  Must be willing to commit to two non-consecutive semesters of employment

•  Most of the positions will be in the Peoria , IL area, so students must be willing to relocate

Interested candidates may contact:

Kristin Junia
Director, Engineering Career Center

For more information on employment opportunities, please visit the Caterpillar website.