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Films about Women in Science and Engineering

  • "Women in Science" from http://www.hawkhill.com (800-422-4295)
  • "The Double Helix" that showed Rosalind Franklin's contribution to deciphering the structure of DNA
  • "Gorillas in the Mist" about Dian Fossey
  • "Jewles in a test tube" about Biochemist Lynda Jordan
  • "Intellectual Parity"
  • "Breaking Through: Women in Science" (1993) has interviews with women scientists
  • "Asking Different Questions: Women in Science". Five women scientists and engineers discuss the questions they've asked in and with their work and careers, why & how those questions often differ greatly from those asked by the majority of their colleages in their fields, and what consequences that has had for their lives and work. 51 min. Available from National Film Board of Canada 1-800-542-2164 Order number 9196 053. http://www.nfb.ca/e/
  • "A Good Job For A Woman: Engineers". Follows the careers of a civil engineer, a software engineer, a robotics engineer, and an electrical space engineer. This video is explicitly designed to encourage young women to consider careers in engineering. Whether intentionally or not, it brings up interesting issues in each woman's life career: work/life balance, social implications of engineering projects, personal satisfaction in career and work. 25 min. Available from Landmark Media Inc. 3450 Slade Run Drive, Falls Church, VA 22042. 1-800-342-4336, 703-241-2030 fax 703-536-9540. http://www.landmarkmedia.com/