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Illinois Pharmacists Association


The Illinois Pharmacists Association (IPhA) was formed December 7, 1880 in Springfield, Illinois.  The mission of "The Illinois Pharmacists Association is dedicated to enhancing the professional competency of pharmacists, advancing the standards of pharmacy practice, improving pharmacists' effectiveness in assuring rational drug use in society, and leading the resolution of public policy issues affecting pharmacists."


The Association is comprised of approximately 1500 dues-paying Illinois licensed pharmacists of a total of about 13,000 Illinois licensed pharmacists, as well as nearly 1000 student pharmacists, licensed Illinois pharmacy technicians and other forms of industry support personnel. The Association represents a variety of practice settings from community (both chain and independents), long term care/assisted living facilities, hospitals, research, consultants, and academicians.


The Association is governed by policies generated by the IPhA House of Delegates. Delegates are elected by dues-paying members of their respective geographic regions. The House of Delegates meets annually on the occasion of IPhA’s annual conference to set, review and evaluate policy proposals impacting the profession of pharmacy.  The IPhA Board of Directors, also elected by members, is charged with implementing Association policies and monitoring the direction of the organization. 


The IPhA Foundation is a financial foundation governed by the IPhA Foundation Board of Directors.  The Foundation functions autonomously subject to leadership selection by the IPhA Board of Directors.  Similarly, the Association is represented by the Illinois Pharmacy Political Action Committee governed by its Board of Trustees, which is also selected by the IPhA Board of Directors.


The Association has working committees as set forth in the Bylaws, as well as ad hoc committees formed at the request of the President to address singular issues or topics under the direction of the Board of Directors.


The changing environment confronting pharmacy offers both challenge and opportunity.  As more pharmacists choose employment over private practices, dues-based funding is giving way to other creative revenue sources to support the activities of the Association.



Executive Director of the Illinois Pharmacists Association


The Executive Director reports directly to the IPhA Board of Directors and is a non-voting member of the Board of Directors.


The Executive Director shall serve as Chief Executive Officer. The Executive Director with the direction of the IPhA Board of Directors shall implement policies and programs of the organization. The Executive Director will provide leadership in attaining goals identified by the Board of Directors and the strategic plan. The Executive Director is empowered to sign contracts on behalf of the Association. The Executive Director provides leadership and vision for the profession of pharmacy in Illinois and nationally. The Executive Director serves to empower and represent the profession as it advances its role in the provision of pharmacist- provided care in all practice settings. Through effective management, advocacy and leadership, the Executive Director, under the supervision of the Board of Directors, is responsible for achieving productive performance, progressive programming, and constructive growth of the Association and the profession. The Executive Director plans, organizes, directs and coordinates the staff, programs, and activities of the association to assure that the profession of pharmacy is advanced in Illinois.


The Executive Director, within the limits of the Bylaws and Policies of the Association, will:

Leadership and Vision

         Fulfill the mission of the Illinois Pharmacists Association by serving and representing all
pharmacy professionals in all practice settings and foster safe and effective medication therapy, promote innovative practice, and empower its members to serve the health care needs of the public.

         Create and pursue a common vision to represent, promote and advance the profession in
all practice settings.

         Grow and invigorate the membership to actively engage and advocate for the full
acceptance of pharmacists as an integral part of the health care team.

         Conceptualize and implement a framework to achieve organizational policies and

         Maintain and expand the financial stability for the Illinois Pharmacists Association
through entrepreneurial activities.

         Proactively lead Illinois pharmacy through a passionate pursuit of professional

         Develop and maintain relationships and strategic partnerships with constituencies that are
vital to the achievement of IPhA’s mission.


Management and Organizational Guidance

         In collaboration with the Treasurer, and as directed by the Board of Directors, oversee and coordinate the Association’s budgeting, financial planning, and investment activities.

         Serve as custodian of all monies, securities, deeds, and other valuable assets belonging to
the Association.

         Assure that the Association’s funds are dispersed in accordance with the annual budget
approved by the Board of Directors.

         Provide support, assistance, and guidance to the Board of Directors to determine
Association policy, and to assure subsequent implementation of that policy.

         Serve and promote communications between the Board of Directors, committees, and membership; manage the Association’s affairs as directed by the Board of Directors; and maintain archival records and property of the Association.

         Serve as staff liaison to and as ex-officio member (without vote) of the IPhA Board of
Directors and Executive Committee.

         Oversee and coordinate the implementation of the Association’s Strategic Plan.

         Oversee administrative functions of the Illinois Pharmacy Foundation, Pharmacy
Network of Illinois and the Pharmacist Political Action Committee of Illinois (IPPAC).

         Assure successful and efficient human resources management of the Association’s staff.

         Work through staff and members to direct and coordinate successful implementation of
the Association’s projects and major activities.

         Provide oversight for membership development programs.

         Execute such contracts and commitments as may be authorized by the Board of Directors.

         Oversee and support the activities and performance of the Association’s outside

         Prepare annual reports for submission to the Board of Directors and general membership.


Communication and Advocacy

         Articulate the vision and mission of the Association to the profession and all

         Motivate and mentor staff and members to affect a successful governmental and
legislative advocacy program.

         Fulfill other duties assigned by IPhA’s Board of Directors.

         Serve as the primary spokesperson for IPhA in activities related to its objectives and

         Promote the visibility and involvement of IPhA in pharmacy and related health issues
throughout Illinois and on a national level.

         In conjunction with the Board of Directors, present IPhA’s position on issues to other
health professions, the media, and the public.

         Maintain awareness of pharmacy issues that are before the State Board of Pharmacy and the State Legislature.

         Serve as Executive Editor of all Association publications, maintaining responsibility for the professional content of the IPhA printed and online newsletters, as well as the IPhA website.

         Prepare all external communications on legislative, regulatory, consumer, and media-
related issues.



           Maintain the affiliations with the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists
(ASHP), the American Pharmacists Association and other national pharmacy organizations, through representation and two-way communication for IPhA members

           Maintain and promote the relationship with the colleges of pharmacy and the respective
student organizations.

           Develop a working, collaborative relationship with other state, regional, and national health organizations including, but not limited to, The Illinois Council of Health-Systems Pharmacists, The Illinois Medical Society, The Illinois Retail Merchants Association, The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, and The Illinois Department of Health and Family Services.





The Executive Director must have prior or current demonstration of effective leadership, and have effective verbal and written communication skills. The Executive Director should demonstrate knowledge and passion for the profession of pharmacy, or other related health care professions.  Well-developed skills in personal and professional leadership, strategic planning and project management, written and oral communications, financial and policy management, legislative and regulatory process, decision making, and general administration are essential.



For confidential consideration, interested applicants should submit the following:

  • Letter of Intent
  • Resume or curriculum vitae
  • 3 Professional References (applicant will be contacted to obtain consent)
  • Salary and Benefit Requirements


Review of applications will begin on July 15, 2012 and continue through August 15, 2012.


Applications will be accepted electronically at edsearch@ipha.org and be received no later than August 15, 2012 to be considered.  Questions can be directed to Luke Vander Bleek, R.Ph., Chairman of the IPhA Executive Director Search Committee, by email to lvande@fitzgeraldpharmacy.com


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