Academic Affairs

Course Coordinator Responsibilities





The course coordinator is responsible for development and innovation as well as day to day operation of a specific course. The course coordinator works closely with Team Leaders in the planning and execution of a course.


The course coordinator is assigned by a department head in consultation with the Educational Policy Committee.


·    Create and facilitate a classroom climate that is conducive to student learning and academic integrity.

·    Facilitate course development through reflection and student evaluations.

·    Supervise teaching assistants assigned to the course.

·    In consultation with the department head, select appropriate faculty instructors to ensure satisfactory course delivery.

·    Develop a meaningful and connected topic sequence and schedule in consultation with other instructors involved in the course.

·    Provide students with course syllabus that includes broad course objectives, course schedule, grading policy, expectations of academic integrity, policy for missed exams, etc.

·    Coordinate course activities including the development of innovative teaching strategies and maintain course information on the UIC Blackboard Courseinfo web site or equivalent site.

 ·   Attend, as necessary, lectures, recitations and other instructional activities of participating faculty to facilitate consistency of the course.

·    Assure that course content allows student achievement of objectives associated with that course.

·    Organize and hold meetings of the course instructors to discuss issues affecting student learning, testing and other classroom issues.

·    Organize and hold periodic meetings with the class representatives for the course to obtain constructive student feedback.

·    Evaluate student achievement.

·    Select test format appropriate to course objectives.

·    Monitor student progress.

·    Grade assignments, quizzes, and tests (if appropriate, e.g. multiple choice tests using STAN)

·    Record and assign final grades in consultation with other course faculty instructors.

·      Coordinate dissemination and collection of Student-Instructor Evaluations.

·    Complete the End of Course Report and send to EPC within 4 weeks of the end of the semester.


Course coordinators are accountable to their department head for academic and administrative activities associated with a course.