Academic Affairs


University of Illinois at Chicago

Doctor of Pharmacy Program

Student Travel Guidelines




  1. For students to be eligible for special accommodations for travel to off-campus professional and/or association meetings, they must be in good academic standing, as defined by a grade point average (GPA) ≥2.0 in core curriculum courses.



  1. Priority for off-campus meetings should be given to the following students: those giving presentations, national competition participants, chapter delegates, chapter executive board members, those serving on committees, and those nominated/running for a national or regional office.


  1. Because Legislative Day is scheduled during a school day, faculty members are requested to make reasonable accommodations for students desiring to attend. Legislative Day affords students the opportunity to present pharmacy positions to legislative and constitutional officers and hear from them on critical issues, some of which may directly impact the College.



  1. The Vice President (VP) of Pharmacy Student Council (PSC) shall collect meeting information and dates from the Organization Presidents (OPs) to send to Team Leaders and Course Coordinators. The information requested shall include: the meeting name, the meeting date and location, an estimated number of students attending, the purpose for students attending the meeting, and the faculty advisor(s) of the student organization. This will be completed months before the start of the new semester (Fall semester: by March 30th; Spring semester: by September 30th), and the dates shall be disseminated to the Team Leaders and Course Coordinators, and posted on both the Google Calendar and PSC website. A month prior to the beginning of the semester, the VP of PSC will verify with the OPs that the provided information for meetings is accurate and request for the meeting agendas. He or she will then add links of all provided meeting agendas to compiled list and make this document available to the Class Council.
  2. The Class Council Vice Presidents will be responsible for creating a Google Doc Meeting Form with the help of their board. This list shall request the following information: the student name, student’s UIC e-mail address, the date(s) of the lectures and/or recitations being missed, as well as any pertinent assignments or quizzes/exams during those dates, the student’s role/purpose in attending the meeting, the student’s faculty advisor, and the faculty advisor’s e-mail address. This form shall be sent out during the first week of the semester and must be completed by the 10th day of the semester.
  3. The generated form results from each class shall then be disseminated to:
    1. The Associate Dean, Office of Student Affairs (OSA) for GPA verification. If there is an issue with a specific student, the OSA will contact the student regarding his/her disqualification from attending the meeting, and action taken will be determined on a case-by-case basis.
    2. The PSC listserv, so that the OPs will have the list of students attending each meeting to forward to the respective organization faculty advisors.
    3. The Class Council Class Representatives, who will be granted access to the form data and shall filter out students requiring accommodations for their respective classes.
  4. Class Representatives will then e-mail and work with the course coordinator to establish make-up assignment(s), a quiz/exam date, etc.
  5. Although course coordinators will work with the students to accommodate them, these arrangements are at the discretion of the course coordinator. A satisfactory solution cannot be guaranteed, particularly if students fail to make arrangements in advance as described above.
  6. Students are expected to make travel plans that minimize absence from classes.
  7. Upon their return from the professional meeting, students are expected to submit electronically a written reflection describing their involvement and experiences at the professional meeting to either the organization’s faculty advisor or the student’s personal faculty advisor.
  8. For students requesting accommodations for attendance to multiple meetings during a given semester, the student, together with the organizational faculty advisor, the student’s personal faculty advisor, or both may need to justify that the multiple absences/meeting participation is in the student’s best interests.



  1. The Student Travel Guidelines are incorporated into the Student Handbook. Students and faculty are referred to the Office of Student Affairs website ( ) for a copy of the current Student Travel Guidelines.