Academic Affairs

Scantron System FAQs

Who can use the system?

  •   Limited to P1 and P2 classes ONLY. No exceptions.
  •   Interaction with course coordinators.
  • Will not be open to individual instructors

What is the process after an exam or quiz?

Drop off forms

  • Chicago- Make an appointment with Michelle
  • Rockford- Make an appointment with Katie
  • This will help to ensure the forms are secure and will be scanned as soon as possible.


  • Chicago- Michelle will run
  • Rockford- Katie will run
  • Michelle will send Katie the Chicago responses and Katie will combine the two campuses answers and run the final reports
  • A PGP encrypted file will be emailed back to the Chicago coordinator from Katie


  • There are six reports that will be offered. (see scantron grading request form)

Will there be technical support if there is a problem?

  • If there is a problem with the scanner, server, or storage, this is an IT issue for Sean.
  • Sean will also be responsible for training the crew to understand the software. 
  • He has created technical and service documentation which will be maintained by Katie and Michelle. 
  • Scantron reps and support will also be available for service questions.
Suzanne Rabi ( 312-996-1521
Michelle Ponschke ( 312-996-1521
Katie Wenzel ( 815-395-5713

Click here to request for Scantron Grading.