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Atkins Medicinal Plant Garden



Located on the West Campus of the University of Illinois at Chicago, the Dorothy Bradley Atkins Medicinal Plant Garden was constructed and is maintained by a generous gift commitment from Dr. Robert A. Atkins to honor his late wife Dorothy, a 1945 graduate of the University of Illinois College of Pharmacy. The garden was dedicated on July 19, 2002.


The Atkins Medicinal Plant Garden contains more than 200 species of medicinal plants, many of which are mainstay drug-producing plants whose products are currently in use in clinical practice around the world. It builds upon the college's long-standing reputation as one of the world's foremost centers of natural products research.


The garden exists not only for educational and research purposes, but also for the enjoyment it offers as an island of beauty on the campus of the University of Illinois at Chicago. The Atkins Garden is located immediately north of the College of Pharmacy, 833 S. Wood Street.

Walking through the Dorothy Bradley Atkins Medicinal Plant Garden is tantamount to taking a trip through history, plant by plant. Although modern medicine has advanced, many plants continue to be researched for their unique phyto-chemical properties. These chemicals are screened against modern day scourges ranging from cancer to infectious disease. 


Special events include...

-Guided garden tours
-Lectures by esteemed college researchers

For more information/reservation, please contact :

Deanna Cowens
Phone: 312-996-7240

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