Drug Information Center

College of Pharmacy

About Us

The Drug Information Group (DIG) is an integral part of the College of Pharmacy. The primary focus of the DIG is to provide education and information resources to partners and customers of the college. These customers include pharmaceutical companies, professional organizations, Fortune 500 companies, pharmacy benefit managers, government agencies, pharmacists and students.

The DIG faculty design and implement a variety of education and information programs. Some of our major accomplishments include:

    • Drug Information Center for Cardinal Health
    • Prior Authorization Program for State Medical Programs in Illinois
    • Development of a Smart-Pump drug library
    • Preparation of a variety of continuing education programs
    • Development and implementation of a literature evaluation course for the Chicago State University College of Pharmacy

In addition to these programs, the DIG faculty is actively involved in training future pharmacists. The courses taught by the DIG faculty in the College of Pharmacy include:

    • PHAR 455 – Drug Information and Statistics
    • PMPR 330 - Journal Club and Literature Analysis