Center for Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

College of Pharmacy

Graduate Student Life in the Center

The Center for Pharmaceutical Biotechnology is located in UIC’s West Campus, minutes from downtown Chicago and the Lake Shore.  The Center provides a multidisciplinary and international environment that promotes enriching interactions among faculty, postdoctoral fellows, staff and graduate students.  Cultural backgrounds and traditions of more than a dozen countries represented by the Center members are shared daily during lunch breaks and yearly during our International Pot Luck party, the Annual Department Picnic at the Field Station and summer beach volleyball tournaments.


New graduate students are immediately integrated in the life of the Center through their coursework, research rotations, teaching assistant assignments, lab meeting and out weekly seminar series.  After the third 10-week long laboratory rotation, students freely choose their research area and Ph.D. advisor, while maintaining intellectual and scientific contacts with other units.  The Center Faculty encourage students and postdoctoral fellows to initiate and pursue collaborations that require expertise in different but complementary disciplines such as Chemistry/Biology, Pharmacology/Structural Biology, Biochemistry/Cellular Biology, and Molecular/Computational Biology.