Center for Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

College of Pharmacy

Graduate Program - Admission Requirements

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology is one of the tracks of the Pharmacognosy Graduate Program.

Three to four students per year are admitted to the Biotechnology track each Fall. Applications are considered on an individual basis. Because of the course schedule, Spring admission is not offered.  The Biotech track exclusively admits PhD applicants.

In addition to the Graduate College minimum requirements, applicants must meet the following criteria and provide sufficient documentation:

Baccalaureate Degree: Must be in the biological or chemical sciences or pharmacy with a strong basic science component. Prior laboratory experience is required.

Grade Point Average (GPA): At least 3.00/4.00 for the final 60 semester (90 quarter) hours of undergraduate studies. Make sure to send your original transcripts.

Testing Requirements (GRE): General Test Required. UIC's GRE Institutional Code is R1851.

Letters of recommendation: Three letters of recommendation are required.

Personal statement: Personal statement should indicate why you wish to be a student in the Pharmaceutical Biotechnology track.

TOEFL (for International Students): The minimum required score is 550 (paper-based), 213 (computer-based) or 80 (internet based).  UIC's Institutional Code is 1851.

Application deadline: January 1.

The on-line application form and general information about graduate studies at UIC is available at the UIC Graduate College home page.

When filling out the program code/specialization section, indicate the “Pharmacognosy” Graduate Program, with the "Pharmaceutical Biotechnology" specialization.  You can fill out the application form on-line or download the form and send it to us.  You will need Adobe Acrobat or Reader to download the form. If applying on-line, please make sure to print a copy of your application BEFORE clicking the 'submit' button.  Include a copy of your on-line application together with the other required documents.

For more information about UIC's requirements and application procedures, please see the Graduate College website for Domestic Applicants or International Applicants

It is strongly recommended that applicants inform the coordinator of the Biotechnology track, Dr. Alexander Mankin (, about their decision to apply.  The application forms, including the printout of the completed on-line application form should be sent to:

Dr. Alexander Mankin
Center for Pharmaceutical Biotechnology - M/C 870
University of Illinois
900 S. Ashland Ave., Rm. 3052
Chicago, IL 60607

All applications received will be photocopied and submitted to the UIC Office of Admissions and Records. This will help us keep track of your application and your admission status. You will be officially notified by the Office of Admissions and Records that your application has been received.