Center for Pharmacoeconomic Research

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CPR Faculty Gets Awarded FDA Contract

Funding Awarded to CPR Faculty member Edith Nutescu by NHLBI to study Patient-Centered Anticoagulation Self-Monitoring in Minority Patients.

CPR Faculty Edith Nutescu was awarded a 4-year grant from the National Institutes of Health/National Heart Lung and Blood Institute to study health disparities and factors influencing adoption and feasibility of anticoagulation self-monitoring in minority underserved patients. Other Collaborators on the project are CPR faculty Glen Schumock, PharmD, MBA, PhD, Marian Fitzgibbon, PhD, Ben Gerber, MD, MPH, Lisa Sharp, PhD, David Meltzer, MD, PhD, Elaine Hylek, MD, MPH, Thomas Stamos, MD, and Michael Berbaum, PhD.

The objectives of this work are to evaluate factors influencing adoption of self-monitoring and test the feasibility and effectiveness of anticoagulation self-monitoring when coupled with a patient-centered educational intervention in minority patients. Dr. Nutescu’s research will lead the way towards a reduction of health disparities for access to and adoption of effective models of self-care in high risk patients.

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