Center for Pharmacoeconomic Research

College of Pharmacy

CPR Faculty Gets Awarded FDA Contract

Faculty from the CPR were recently awarded a contract from the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Inc. (subcontractor for the FDA) to perform work related to FDA’s Mini-Sentinel Program. Mini-Sentinel is a component of the larger “Sentinel Initiative” which seeks to create a national, integrated, electronic system for monitoring medical product safety. The Mini-Sentinel Program is designed to develop and test the methods and infrastructure that will eventually be expanded to constitute the Sentinel System. Key to any drug and medical product safety surveillance program is the accurate identification of patients who have experienced adverse events (or “health outcomes”). Lead by Glen Schumock, the UIC project seeks to understand opportunities to use alternative, more efficient methods for validating algorithms designed to identify patients with health outcomes of interest. Co-investigators on the project include Todd Lee and Simon Pickard. Also involved are graduate students Wan-Ju Lin, Hari Patel, and Piyameth Dilokthornsakul.

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