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Dr. Simon Pickard has been elected as the Deputy Chair of the EuroQol Group's executive committee, effective as from November 2010. The executive committee is responsible for the strategic and scientific direction of the organization, including establishing priorities for EQ-5D research and new development.

Caitlyn Wilke won the prestigious Stanley A. Edlavitch Award for 2010. The International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology grants this award annually to the student who submits the most highly rated abstract for presentation of the ISPE meeting.

Electronic Pharmacy may protect war veterans from medication errors.

Less is more - at least when it comes to the medications used by patients 65-years or older suffering from dementia, according to a new study led by Dr. Denys Lau of the Center for Pharmacoeconomic Research.  This study by Dr. Lau and his team published in the American Journal of Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementias is titled "Functional Decline Associated with Polypharmacy and Potentially Inappropriate Medications in Community-Dwelling Older Adults with Dementia". Click here for full Article.

In a new study, CPR researchers Glen Schumock and Todd Lee, examine the association between leukotriene-modifying agents and suicide. Published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, this case-control study found no evidence of a link despite current FDA warnings. The study has received considerable coverage in the lay press. For more information click here.

CPR Todd Lee presented new findings that were highlighted at the 2012 American Thoracic Society International Conference linking inhaled anticholinergics with cardiac arrhythmias in children with asthma. The study used data from more than 283,000 asthma patients ages 5 to 24 who were new users of asthma controller medications and found a greater number of arrhythmia events associated with the use of anticholinergics. Co-investigators from the CPR included Glen Schumock, Surrey Walton. For more information click here.
Jennifer Samp

Jennifer Samp, Simon Pickard, and Glen Schumock published a study in the journal Pharmacotherapy that examines the extent of fraud and misconduct in published drug studies. The investigators found that the proportion of retractions due to scientific misconduct in the drug literature is higher than in general biomedical literature. The study has received extensive media attention, including a radio interview of Dr. Pickard. For more information click here.

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