Institute for Tuberculosis Research

College of Pharmacy

  • Our Mission:
    To discover and develop new effective, low-cost therapeutics for the treatment of tuberculosis.


ITR occupies 4,000 sq. ft. of labs and offices in the College of Pharmacy.
Biosafety Level 3 Laboratory, 650 sq. ft. + 75 sq. ft. shower/change room. Negative air flow, double-door pass-through autoclave and ceiling mounted UV lights. Major equipment includes 4 class II biological safety cabinets, FACS, 4-vessel fermenter, Victor 2 Microplate multi-label reader, colorimeter, electroporator, 2 HEPA-filtered CO2 incubators, reach-in incubator with orbital shaker, refrigerated tabletop centrifuge, microcentrifuge, phase-contrast/fluorescence microscope with photo attachment, Inhalation Exposure System, tissue homogenizer, cell disrupter, cup-horn ultrasonicator.
Biosafety Level 2 Laboratory , 485 sq. ft. for cell culture and microbiology, containing 4 class II biological safety cabinets, clean bench, Biomek 2000 lab automation workstation, gradient thermocycler, shaking water bath, 2 CO2 incubators, shaker-incubator, refrigerated centrifuges, colorimeter, microscope and inverted microscope, cup-horn ultrasonicator, DNA and protein gel electrophoresis units, digital camera and software, gel image documentation and analysis system are located in the chemistry lab. Biosafety Level 2 Lab
Prep/Autoclave Room , 180 sq. ft. serving both BSL-2 and BSL-3 laboratories with, Millipore Synthesis A-10 water system, glassware washer.
Chemistry Lab , 686 sq. ft. laboratory with state-of-the art equipment for the isolation and biochemical analysis of natural products from complex biological matrices and for synthetic medicinal chemistry. Contains two 6-foot fume hoods, vacuum pumps, analytical balances, stirring/hot plates, rotary evaporators, Bohdan blocks for parallel synthesis and SPE purification. Besides HPLC and UV-VIS spectrophotometry, a variety of preparative chromatography equipment including DCCC, HSCCC, GPC, VLC, TLC, MPLC, and GC are available. Vacuum and rotary evaporation, as well as gas stream evaporation. For FT-IR, EI/CI/ESI/APCI-[LC/GC]MS, and NMR (300-800 MHz) spectroscopic characterization, our laboratory has access to shared equipment. For data analysis and data mining applications, spectroscopic and image workstations are available. Chemistry Lab
Office/Computer : Suite composed of two 150 sq. ft. offices, a 202 sq. ft. conference room and a 379 sq. ft. open post-doc/computer area. Seventeen Pentium III-IV computers, Linux-based RAID file server, printers and scanner, university-wide, automated tape backup system, overhead video, multimedia presentation projectors, and department-wide wireless network access. Conference Room
Animal Facility : The Biological Resources Laboratory at UIC is comprised of 104,000 sq. ft. on three levels. This includes 43 animal rooms for rodents and lagomorphs, each in a suite configuration with its own air handling system. Space is available for projects on an "as needed basis". The ITR has been assigned a dedicated room in the facility.