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UIC Botanical Center - an Academic Training Center

The UIC Botanical Center is a research and training center, supporting the development of doctorate level scientists who have and will continue to contribute to this area of study.  The Graduate Program provides opportunities for those interested in developing a career in the field of natural products research also known as Pharmacognosy. Trainees are supported through a T32 training grant provided by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Heath (NCCIH). Graduates work in a variety of positions within the pharmaceutical industry, at ethical drug and natural products companies, as well as governmental regulatory and research agencies and not-for-profit associations.

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Dorothy Bradley Atkins Medicinal Plant Garden
The UIC Botanical Center is grateful to Dr. Robert A. Atkins who provided the funds to create and support the Dorothy Bradley Atkins Medicinal Plant Garden located on the grounds of the University of Illinois at Chicago.  It is not only a ready source of a large variety of plant species for education and research, but the Atkins Medicinal Plant Garden also offers an island of beauty and tranquility on a busy campus.  The Center and the UIC College of Pharmacy are grateful for Dr. Atkins’ generous gift in memory of his pharmacist wife.  Dr. Djaja D. Soejarto, UIC Botanical Center botanist is the curator of the garden.  Many of the plant species that the UIC Botanical Center is working with are featured in the Dorothy Bradley Atkins Medicinal Plant Garden. [See Photos below]

UIC Botanical Center botanist Dr. Djaja D. Soejarto, center

More Information about The Dorothy Bradley Atkins Medicinal Plant Garden
Some botanicals from the the UIC Botanical Center portfolio:

Red Clover       Black Cohosh   
                 Red Clover                                    Black Cohosh                

  Licorice     Angelica sinensis (dong quai)
                    Licorice                                  Angelica sinensis (dong quai)

Viburnum prunifolium (blackhaw)
                                                        Humulus lupulus (hops)

Vaccinium macrocarpon (cranberry)    Angelica sinensis
Vaccinium macrocarpon (cranberry)                              Angelica sinensis

Valeriana officinalis (valerian)
            Valeriana officinalis (valerian)