Department of Biopharmaceutical Sciences

College of Pharmacy

BPS Seminars Fall 2014

Fall 2014 Seminar Series
Department of Biopharmaceutical Sciences

College of Pharmacy Building (PHAR)
833 South Wood Street
Chicago, IL 60612

Date Time Room Speaker Name Affiliation Talk Title Host
08/27 3:30-4.30 PHAR 134-2 Kim Richie Donghwan, PhD
Nanyang Technology Univ Singapore
Plasmonic Nanosensor:  Synthesis, Assembly and Signal Amplification
Dr. Hong
3:30-4.30 PHAR 134-2 Justin Hanes, PhD
John Hopkins

Mucus Penetrating Nanoparticles for Drug and Gene Delivery to Mucosal Tissues

09/10 3:30-4.30 PHAR 134-2 Yu Zhang UIC BPS Grad. Student
Anti-miRNA Delivery Systems Based on Self-assembled Nanostructure
Dr. Gemeinhart
09/12 3:00-4.00 PHAR B-36 Ryan Pearson UIC BPS Grad. Student
The role of dendritic polymer on self-assembly, cellular interactions, and protein adsorption of nanocarriers
Dr. Hong
09/17 3:30-4.30 PHAR 134-2

09/24 3:30-4.30 PHAR 134-2 Kaitlin M. Bratlie, PhD
Iowa State University
Macrophage and Fibroblast responses through Engineering polymer surface
10/01 3:30-4.30 PHAR 134-2 Andrew Wang, PhD
UNC Chapel Hill

Dr. Hong
10/08 3:30-4.30 PHAR 134-2 Samuel Erb

Dr. Rasenick
10/15 3:30-4.30 PHAR 134-2 Dr.Daniel Matei Indiana University

Dr. Beck
10/22 3:30-4.30 PHAR 134-2 Ellie Jhun
UIC BPS Grad. Student

10/29 3:30-4.30 PHAR 134-2 Dr.Yusuke Nakamorer
of Chicago

Dr. Kolhatkar
AAPS Annual Meeting in San Diego, California
No Seminar

11/10 3:30-4.30 PHAR 134-3 Dr. David Potter
University of Minnesota

Dr. Beck
3:30-4.30 PHAR 134-2

11/19 3:30-4.30 PHAR 134-2 Xian Pan
UIC BPS Grad. Student

Dr. Jeong
Thanksgiving - Holiday
No Seminar

12/03 3:30-4.30 PHAR 134-2 Jason Buhrman
UIC BPS Grad. Student

Dr. Gemeinhart
Final Exams
No Seminar



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