Department of Biopharmaceutical Sciences

College of Pharmacy

Seminars Spring 2007

Spring 2007 Seminar Series
Department of Biopharmaceutical Sciences

College of Pharmacy Building (PHAR)
833 South Wood Street
Chicago, IL 60612

Date Time Room Speaker Name Affiliation Talk Title Host
1/18 12:00 PHAR 134-2 Hamid Ghandehari, Ph.D. University of Maryland Polymers for Targeted Drug Delivery: Precious Gems and Some New Thoughts Beck
2/14 3:30 PHAR 204 Thomas O'Halloran, Ph.D. Northwestern University Controlling the Therapeutic Index of the Anticancer Drug Arsenic Trioxide: Nanoscale Agents for Encapsulation, Targeted Delivery and Triggered Drug Release Beck
2/21 3:30 PHAR 204 Sarah Bacus, Ph.D. Targeted Molecular Diagnostics, LLC
Activation of the AMPK Regulated Metabolic Stress Response by a Small Molecule HER2/EGFR Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor Protects Cardiac Myocytes from Apoptosis Beck
2/28 3:30 PHAR 204 Aliasger K. Salem, Ph.D. Iowa University Innovative Strategies for Co-Delivery of CpG Oligonucleotides and Antigen Beck
3/7 3:30 PHAR 204 Rajendra Mehta, Ph.D. Illinois Institute of Technology Functional Significance of Prohibitin in the Mechanism of Action of Vitamin D in Breast Cancer Tonetti
3/14 3:30 PHAR 204 Sadhana Sharma, Ph.D. University of Illinois at Chicago Micro- and Nano-Engineered Platforms for Therapeutic Delivery Onyuksel
3/21 3:30 PHAR 134-3 David Eddington, Ph.D. University of Illinois at Chicago Microfabricated Models of Living Systems Gemeinhart
3/28 3:30 PHAR 32 Vladimir S. Trubetskoy, Ph.D. QBI Life Sciences, Inc. Nucleic Acid-Based Therapeutics: Challenges of Systemic Delivery Onyuksel
4/4 3:30 PHAR 134-3 Kattesh V. Katti, Ph.D. University of Missouri Design and Development of Site Directed Gold Nanoparticles for Molecular Imaging and Therapy Onyuksel
4/10 3:30 PHAR 134-3 Jieun Yun
(Student Seminar)
University of Illinois at Chicago Protein Kinase C Alpha Regulates Notch-4 Signaling Via AP-1 in Tamoxifen Resistant Breast Cancer Tonetti
4/18 3:30 PHAR 134-3 Joseph McGraw (Dissertation Defense) University of Illinois at Chicago Toxicoepidemiological Insights into Polychlorinated Biphenyl Metabolism and Related Health Outcomes in a Cohort of Pregnant African American Women Waller
4/25 3:30 PHAR 134-3 Maria Barbolina, Ph.D. Northwestern University Microenvironmental Regulation of Invasion and Metastasis in Ovarian Cancer Tonetti
5/7 10:30 PHAR 36 Jacques Robert, M.D., Ph.D. Institut Bergonié and University Victor Segalen Pharmacogenetics of Anticancer Agents: from the Conception of a Model to Clinical Applications Beck
5/9 3:30 PHAR 32 Seema Khan, M.D. Northwestern University Cancer Risk and Local Hormonal Environment of the Breast Tonetti

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