Department of Biopharmaceutical Sciences

College of Pharmacy

Seminars Spring 2008

Spring 2008 Seminar Series
Department of Biopharmaceutical Sciences

College of Pharmacy Building (PHAR)
833 South Wood Street
Chicago, IL 60612

1/9 10:00 PHAR 134-3 Heidi Mansour, Ph.D University of North Carolina Surface Chemistry and Interfacial Phenomena of Aerosolized Colloidal Particles and Biomembrane Self-Assemblies for Targeted Lung Delivery Beck
2/27 3:30 CME 693 Gwendolyn D'Souza (Student Seminar) University of Illinos at Chicago and Loyola University Molecular mechanisms by which estradiol regulates Notch in ERa-positive breast cancer cells Miele
3/5 3:30 MBRB 1017 Tolga Uz, M.D., Ph.D. University of Illinos at Chicago Melatonin Receptors and Drug Addiction Onyuksel
3/12 3:30 COMRB 1020 Maria Barbolina, Ph.D. Northwestern University Microenvironmental Regulation of Ovarian Carcinoma Metastasis Beck
3/19 3:30 MBRB 1017 Doris M. Benbrook, Ph.D. University of Oklahoma Signal Transduction Mechanisms of Flex-Het Therapeutic and Chemoprevention Activity Beck
3/26 3:30 MBRB 1017 Stephanie Huang, Ph.D. University of Chicago Genome-wide Approach to Identify Genetic Variants that Contribute to Chemotherapy-Induced Cytotoxicity Beck
4/2 3:30 MBRB 1017 Aiming Yu, Ph.D. SUNY Buffalo Genetically Modified Mouse Models for Preclinical Investigation Jeong
4/9 3:30 PHAR 134-3 Philip C. Smith, Ph.D. University of North Carolina Role of UGTs in Modulating the Intestinal Toxicity of Mycophenolic  Acid and Irinotecan Jeong
4/16 3:30 PHAR 134-3 Jongsook Kim Kemper, Ph.D. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Orphan Nuclear Receptors SHP and FXR: Actions and Mechanisms in Metabolic Regulation Jeong
4/18 10:30 PHAR 134-3 Brian F. Mc Bride(special seminar) Midwestern University Drug Transport in the Heart: A Novel Mechanism to Explain Interpatient Variability in Response to Antiarrhythmic Drugs Jeong
4/23 3:30 PHAR 134-3 Xiaolong He, Ph.D. University of Illinos at Chicago RNA Splicing and Splicing Factors in Human Cancer Jeong
4/30 3:30 PHAR 134-3 Stacy Shord, Pharm.D. niversity of Illinos at Chicago Charaterizing the Drug-drug Interaction between Gemcitabine and Paclitaxel Jeong

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