Department of Biopharmaceutical Sciences

College of Pharmacy

Seminars Spring 2009

 Spring 2009 Seminar Series
Department of Biopharmaceutical Sciences

College of Pharmacy Building (PHAR)
833 South Wood Street
Chicago, IL 60612

Date Time Room Speaker Name Affiliation Talk Title Host
01/14 3:30 PHAR 134-2 Daesung Lee, PhD University of Illinois at Chicago New methods for the synthesis of bioactive compounds Hong
01/21 3:30 PHAR 134-2 Derrick Mancini, PhD Argonne National Laboratory Nanoscale-structured hydrogels and hydrogel-nanoparticle composites with an overview of research at the Center for Nanoscale Materials Gemeinhart, CRS & AAPS Student Chapters
01/28 3:30 PHAR 134-2 Szilard Asztalos, PhD  University of Illinois at Chicago  The role of lobular involution in pregnancy-associated breast cancer Tonetti
02/04 3:30 PHAR 134-2 Eugene Shek, PhD  Abbott Laboratories  Dysregulation in Leptin Receptors and Signaling Mechanisms in Age- and Obesity-Related Hypertension Beck 
02/11 3:30 PHAR 134-2 Carmen Popescu, PhD Roquette Giving Practicality to Novelty
CRS/AAPS Illinois Student Chapter
02/18 3:30 PHAR 134-2 Qingbo Li, PhD University of Illinois at Chicago  An assessment of false discovery rates and statistical significance in label-free quantitative proteomics
02/25 3:30 PHAR 134-2 Ram I Mahato, PhD University of Tennessee Protein/Nucleic Acid Delivery and Targeting
03/04 3:30 PHAR 134-2 Michael Federle, PhD University of Illinois at Chicago Communication Networks of Bacteria as a Future Target for Antimicrobial Agents
03/11 3:30 PHAR 134-2 Angela Tyler, PhD University of Illinois at Chicago Distinct Functions of the Breast Tumor Tyrosine Kinase BRK (PTK6) in Normal Tissues and in Cancer
03/18 3:30 PHAR 134-2 Olga Volpert, PhD  Northwestern University  Cancel
03/25 3:30 PHAR
Douglas Thomas, PhD University of Illinois at Chicago "Nitric Oxide, Oxidative Stress, and Cancer: how concentration determines phenotype"
04/01 3:30 PHAR 134-2 John Quigley, MD  University of Illinois at Chicago  Heme transport in Eukaryotes
04/08 3:30 PHAR 134-2 David J Riese, PhD Purdue University Functionally Distinct EGF Family Hormones Provide Clues to the Discovery of Novel ErbB Receptor Antagonists
04/15 3:30
PHAR 134-2 Richard Gross, PhD  Washington University in St. Louis   Membrane-mediated Mechanisms Leading to  Diabetic Cardiomyopathy Hong 
04/16 3:30 PHAR 134-2 Mayumi Ono, PhD Kyushu University
AACR Meeting, No Seminar
04/29 3:30 PHAR 134-2 Stratford May, MD, PhD University of Florida "BCL2, Apoptosis, p53 and all that Jaz(Z)"
05/06 TBA TBA Joan Lewis, PhD Fox Chase Cancer Center TBA Tonetti

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