Department of Biopharmaceutical Sciences

College of Pharmacy

BPS PhD Applicant Requirements

Students can apply to the Ph.D. degree only in the Biopharmaceutical Sciences Graduate Program as the program does not admit students to the M.S. degree.

In addition to the Graduate College minimum requirements, applicants must meet the following program requirements:

  • Baccalaureate Field: Biology, biochemistry, chemistry, engineering, pharmacology, pharmacy, or related biomedical science, or advanced degree (M.S., Pharm.D., or other);

  • Grade Point Average: A recommended* grade point average of at least 3.00 (A=4.00) for the undergraduate degree;

  • GRE General Exam (prior to August 2011): GRE General exam is required with recommended* GRE minimums for application:

            Verbal: 500

           Quantitative: 700 and

           Analytical Writing: 4.0

  • GRE Revised General Exam (August 2011 to present):

            Verbal: 153

           Quantitative: 155 and

            Analytical Writing: 4.0

  • Personal Statement: One page is requested describing your reasons for pursuing a graduate degree in the Department of Biopharmaceutical Sciences; and,

  • 3 Letters of Recommendation.

  • For International Applicants , TOEFL or IELTS exam is required with recommended* minimums for application:

           IELTS: 7.0, with minimum subscores of 6.0 in each area;

           "New" Internet TOEFL 100; with minimum subscores of

            Listening: 20

           Reading: 20

           Speaking: 21 and

           Writing: 21

           "Old" Computer TOEFL: 250

           "Old" Paper TOEFL: 600.

*Recommended minimum scores are only to be used for guidance, but students with scores significantly below these levels are not typically accepted. Scores significantly below the recommended value and/or multiple scores below the recommended values significantly lower your chances for acceptance. It is the expectation of the program not to accept any students with a score below the recommended values listed on this page.