Department of Biopharmaceutical Sciences

College of Pharmacy

Biopharmaceutical Sciences Faculty

William T. Beck

Department Head

UIC Distinguished Professor
Professor, Pharmacology and Molecular Genetics

Research Interests:
Translational cancer research and molecular pharmacology of cancer

Maria V. Barbolina

Assistant Professor, Pharmacology

Research Interests:
Characterization of novel molecular mechanisms leading to epithelial ovarian carcinoma progression and metastasis.

Robert E. Gaensslen

Professor Emeritus, Forensic Science

Research Interests:
Forensic genetics and biological evidence individualization.

Richard A. Gemeinhart

Associate Professor, Pharmaceutics and Bioengineering

Director of Graduate Education for the College of Pharmacy

Research Interests:
Utilizing bio-inspired materials to drive cell-material and drug-material interactions

Xiaolong He

Assistant Professor, Pharmacology

Research Interests:
Alternative splicing and splicing factors in tumorigenesis, model systems for monitoring of alternative splicing, mechanisms of gene mutations and development of drug resistance.

Seungpyo Hong

Associate Professor, Pharmaceutics

Research Interests:
Bio-inspired polymeric nanomaterials as diagnostics, prognostics and therapeutics

Hyun-Young Jeong

Associate Professor, Pharmaceutics

Research Interests:
Understanding of altered drug metabolism during pregnancy

Norman L. Katz

Professor Emeritus, Pharmacology

Research Interests:
Pharmacology of substance abuse and dependence

Rohit Kolhatkar

Assistant Professor, Pharmaceutics

Research Interests:
Development of targeted degradable polymers and nanocarriers as drug delivery vehicles for the treatment of breast cancer.

A. Karl Larsen

Assistant Head for Graduate Studies, BPS
Director of Graduate Studies, Forensic Sciences
Clinical Professor, Forensic Science

Hyunwoo Lee

Assistant Professor, Pharmacology

Research Interests:
Identification of the molecular (virulence) mechanisms, antibacterial targets, validation of drug targets in vitro and in vivo.

Craig M. Miller


Area of Interest:
Human Physiology and Pathophysiology course sequences

John L. Nitiss

Assistant Dean for Research, Rockford

Professor of Pharmacology
Assistant Head for Research and Program Co-Leader
Cancer Targets Therapeutics & Imaging Program
Cancer Center

Research Interests:
Anti-cancer drug action, biology and biochemistry of DNA topoisomerases, non-homologous recombination mechanisms, yeast molecular biology, yeast as a model in drug discovery.

Hayat Onyuksel

Professor, Pharmaceutics and Bioengineering

Research Interests:
Developing novel targeted nanomedicines for cancer, Alzheimer's, inflammatory and cardiovascular diseases

Zain Paroo

Assistant Professor, Pharmacology

Research Interests:
Micro-RNA (miRNA),small-interfering RNA (siRNA), Protein Biochemistry, RNA technologies & therapeutics.

Paul Pluta

Visiting Clinical Associate Professor

Research Interests:

R. Francis Schlemmer

Associate Professor, Pharmacodynamics

Research Interests:
Behavioral pharmacology of psychotherapeutic drugs and drugs of abuse, development of primate models of mental disorders

Debra A. Tonetti

Associate Professor, Pharmacology

Research Interests:
Pharmacology and biology of breast cancer including mechanisms of endocrine-resistance and pregnancy-associated breast cancer.

Donald P. Waller

Professor, Pharmacology

Research Interests:
Reproductive pharmacology and toxicology, STD prevention in women, environmental toxicology

Zaijie (Jim) Wang

Professor, Pharmacology and Pharmaceutics

Research Interests:
Molecular mechanism and targeting of pain and drug addiction