Forensic Science Program

College of Pharmacy


  Faculty directly involved in this program and other line faculty in the department and the College have received hundreds of research and project grants and contracts. Research is an important focus for both the College and for the department. A research component is a key, required element of this program. The research requirement may be met by (a) a thesis - minimum of 6 units of thesis credit; or (b) a 3 unit research project. Those choosing the research project option will be required to pass a comprehensive examination.

  You will be encouraged to become involved in professional activities and scientific meetings. Some of this involvement is logically based on your research interests and activities. Our goal is to involve you in projects that can yield presentable and/or publishable results. There are opportunities for research projects within the program, elsewhere within the department, at the Illinois State Police Forensic Science Center, at the McCrone Research Institute, and sometimes at other forensic laboratory facilities in the area, such as the IRS Forensic Chemistry Center, or the UIC Animal Forensic Toxicology Laboratory.