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University of Illinois at ChicagoThe University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) is the largest institution of higher learning in the Chicago area, one of the top seventy research universities in the United State. The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) is the largest institution of higher learning in the Chicago area, and an increasingly significant center for international education and research. Established in 1859, the College of Pharmacy stands as the oldest academic unit of UIC and is ranked among the top five colleges of pharmacy in the country. The Department of Pharmacy Practice is the largest department in the college with over 90 research and practicing clinical faculty. In 1969, the Department of Pharmacy Practice initiated the pharmacy practice residency program as an extension of its commitment toward the development of postgraduate training programs.

    University of Illinois Medical Center

University of Illinois Medical CenterThe UIC Medical Center is a 350-bed inpatient institution that serves as the primary rotation site for UIC pharmacy residents. The hospital is located on the UIC campus adjacent to the College of Pharmacy and routinely collaborates with the pharmacy clinicians. The hospital houses seven intensive care units which include organ transplant, cardiology, neuro-surgery, and neonatology. Clinical pharmacists at UIC actively participate in rounds with medical, surgical, pe-diatric, and other specialties providing various pharmaceutical care services. In fact, clinical pharmacy is not the exception at UIC, it is expected! In addition to inpatient services, pharmacists are present in many of the 50 different ambulatory care clinics. These clinics at the UIC Outpatient Care Center service over 300,000 patient visits each year. Clinical pharmacy continues in the UIC outpatient pharmacy which provides extensive patient counseling services and facilities for primary care pharmacy practice.

    Chicago, Illinois

University of Illinois Medical CenterChicago is surrounded by 60 miles of forest preserve on its western edge and 29 miles of the shores of Lake Michigan on its eastern edge. Within its boundaries, it boasts of 430 parks and 205 miles of boulevards. It is a city of diverse neighborhoods with an eclectic variety of cultural, intellectual and recreational resources. Enter-tainment and dining are plentiful and there is never a weekend when folks fi nd themselves without anything exciting to do. Public trans-portation in Chicago provides easy access to all parts of the metro area including UIC. Overall, Chicago is a great place to live and work!