Department of Pharmacy Administration

College of Pharmacy


The faculty and students of the UIC Department of Pharmacy Systems Outcomes and Policy (PSOP) conduct research that is used inform public policy and that impacts how society uses medications, and pharmacy and related health care services.  In order to do this, the Department actively seeks to translate and disseminates its research findings in scholarly publications.  Many of these were in high-impact journals, including The Lancet, Medical Decisions Making, British Medical Journal, JAMA Internal Medicine, and Pharmacotherapy, among others.

The publications listed below provide examples of the types of research conducted by the faculty and students of PSOP.


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Baker WL, Marrs JC, Davis LE, Nutescu EA, Rowe AS, Ryan M, Splinter MY, Vardeny O, Fagan SC. Key articles and guidelines in the acute management and secondary prevention of ischemic stroke. Pharmacotherapy 2013;33(6):e115-42.

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