Department of Pharmacy Administration

College of Pharmacy


 Graduate Program Alumni and Thesis Titles



• James Duhing, Ph.D., “Medication guide comprehension and health literacy”

• Zenobia Dotiwala, M.S., “Seasonal variation in international normalized ratio among venous thromboembolism patients on warfarin”

• Xiaochan Luo, M.S., “Estimation of efficiency with the US population median-based EQ-5D index: findings from the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey”

• Sapna Rao, M.S., “Utilization of oral anti-diabetic medications: examining adherence to clinical guidelines”



• Yoojung Yang, Pharm.D., M.S., “Guideline-concordant policies and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus prevalence in US Hospitals”

• Yash Jalundhwala, M.S., “Logical inconsistencies as a criterion for selecting health states in EQ-5D valuation studies”

• Maria Charisse De Leon Santos, M.S., “Health insurance and treatment use in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder”

• Xiaoqing (Frank) Liu, Ph.D., “The impact of Medicare Part D on healthcare utilization and health of the Medicare beneficiaries”

• Caitlyn T. Wilke, Ph.D., “Challenges and consequences of medication exposure definitions in comparative effectiveness research”



• Alexandra Perez, Pharm.D., M.S., “Cost and effectiveness analysis of rate versus rhythm control of atrial fibrillation in heart failure”

• Xue Grace Chiou, M.S., “Utilization trends in off-label anticonvulsant drug use in the United States, 1994 to 2004”

• Shengsheng Yu, M.S., “Determinants of cardio-protective dietary supplement use in the U.S. Population: 1999-2004”

• Meghana Aruru, Ph.D., “Health communication and functional health literacy – impact on Medicare beneficiaries”

• Todd Chermak, Ph.D., “Effect of package label characteristics on pharmacists' visual perception of drug names”



• Hsiang-Wen (Margaret) Lin, Ph.D., “Pharmacists’ knowledge, attitudes, self-efficacy, and counseling on herbs and dietary supplements”



• Daniela L. Motta, M.S., “Perceptions and attitudes of key stakeholders on the Brazilian National STD/AIDS Program”

• Caitlyn Wilke, M.S., “Comparison of utility weighted and unweighted HRQL measures: an empirical study”

Eunmi Jung, M.S., “Medication use and adherence prior to death in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease”

• Xiaoyan (Charlene) Ying, M.S., “Risk factors associated with adverse drug events among a high risk outpatient population”



• Zhixiao (Jason) Wang, Ph.D., “Medication adherence and its impact on health care utilization in veterans with Type II diabetes”

• Hongjun Yin, Ph.D., "The effects of physical functioning on self-rated health in the elderly -- a longitudinal analysis”

• Nasreen Khan, Ph.D., “Prescription drug insurance and its effect on utilization and health of the elderly”



• Hiang Kiat (Jason) Tan, M.S., “Comparing exhaustive Chi-square Automatic Interaction Detector (CHAID) and logistic regression models in explaining the prescribing of antidepressants”

• Shih-Ying (Audrey) Hung, M.S., "Impact of caregiver depression and pain on proxy assessed Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQL) after stroke"

• Sengwee (Darren) Toh, M.S., "Analysis of published case reports of drug name confusion”

• Qian (Cassie) Cai, M.S., "Time to permanent nursing home admissions among an aging population in the United States"

• Mehul R. Dalal, Ph.D., "Impact of depression on functional disability and out-of-pocket medical expenditures in the elderly”

• Terrence R. Jackson, Pharm.D., Ph.D., "Design and validation of an objective structured clinical examination for pharmacy students delivering nonprescription medicines care”



• Vinit Nair, M.S., “Estimation of hepatotoxic drug use and outcomes in managed care as a medication error reduction strategy”

• Bhakti Arondekar, Ph.D., "Resource utilization and cost of care in post-MI patients     with and without heart failure"



• Chaitanya Sarawate, M.S., “Economic impact of postoperative ileus in abdominal surgical procedures”

• Yo (Nancy) Ko, M.S., "Functional health literacy among Chinese population in Chicago: a preliminary study"

• Charisse Johnson, Pharm.D., M.S., "The geographic distribution of community-based pharmacy clerkship sites in the Chicago metropolitan area"



• Ken-Yu Chang, Ph.D., "Effects of social inequality on stage at diagnosis of colorectal cancer in Illinois" 



• Hema N. Viswanathan, M.S., “Management of hypertension from the patient’s perspective”

• Catherine Leventis, M.S., “Analysis of structure-function Claims of herbal products”

• Vishweshwar Shetty, M.S., "Psychometric properties of the health status measurement instrument in the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey”

• Theresa M. Steward, M.S., “Disease state management programs: pharmaceutical executives’ opinions, attitudes and beliefs”

• Sudhir Sunagale, M.S., “Understanding the hospitalization cost of sepsis: differences in the length of stay, mortality and hospitalization costs between gram-positive and gram-negative sepsis”



• Mehul Dalal, M.S., “Determinants of patient satisfaction with asthma care at an outpatient clinic”

• Eskinder Tafesse, Ph.D., “Factors affecting medical outcomes of rehabilitation among stroke patients"

• Swu-Jane Lin, Ph.D., “Diffusion of healthcare technology: adoption of fentanyl patch by physicians in Illinois”



• John W. Maxwell, M.S., “An evaluation of prescription keeping software”

• Sanjay K. Gandhi, Ph.D., “SF-12 in arthritis clinical trials: psychometric evaluation and development of arthritis specific health indices and scores”

• Gina S. Gilomen-Study, Pharm.D.,Ph.D., “Predicting managed care prescribing using the Theory of Reasoned Action and the Theory of Planned Behavior”

• Margaret C. Wright, Ph.D., “Correlates of sentinel events in children with asthma in the Medicaid population in Cook County”



• Yudan Luo, M.S., “Strategic analysis of Zantac and Tagamet print advertising in a dynamic market”

• Li-Chiun (Daphne) Hsiao, Ph.D., “Drug cost sharing and willingness to pay for prescribed medication purchase among HMO diabetic enrollees”



• Seema Dedhiya, M.S., “Meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials of interferon-beta in the treatment of multiple sclerosis”

• Ulrike Wigger, Ph.D., “Medical students and primary care physicians opinions and concerns on the use of information technology”



• Jeanne L. Gillespie, Pharm.D., M.S., "Physicians' evaluations of pharmacists drug allergy intervention messages"

• Andrea L. Taylor, M.S., “A comparative study of multiple formulary systems in an integrated healthcare delivery system”

• Musadik Malik, Ph.D., “The effects of complexity and accountability on prescribing decision-making”



• Greg T. Biedron, M.S., "Pharmacist, nurse and physician perspectives of the drug use process"

• Dalia R. Musonis, M.S., "Hospital pharmacists' role ambiguity, role conflict and job satisfaction"

• Michael E. Sliwoski, M.S., "The role of the community pharmacist in diabetes management”

• Satish Srinivasan, M.S., "Compliance in pharmacist-physician interactions in healthcare delivery"

• Jane Symon, M.S., "Factors affecting the role of the nutritional support pharmacist"

• Robert J. Valuck, Ph.D., "The effect of regulatory controls on the quality of psychoactive drug prescribing"



• Musadik M. Malik, M.S., "The effects of cognitive and affective framing on prescribing decisions"

• Gregory Zaborniak, M.S., "A gap analysis of the buyer provider dyad: pharmacists-drug wholesaler personnel"



• Sybil N.E. Seoka, Ph.D., "Project selection in pharmaceutical research and development, and new product market performance”

• Robert Valuck, M.S., "Macro-level screening criteria to identify suboptimal prescribers of controlled substances"

• Ulrike Wigger, M.S., "Use of Q-technique in pharmacy student selection"



• Bartholemew E. Clark, M.S., "Manager and pharmacist employee perception of the pharmacist's professional and organizational roles in large pharmacy organizations"

• H. Christian Johnson, M.S., "Perceptions of pharmacy practice by students and faculty"



• Su-Yu Chien, M.S., "Attitudes of health science students toward drug dispensing by physicians"



• Gary Baker, M.S., "Work activity analysis: A pre- and post-computerization comparison"

• Janet Martin, M.S., "A case study of the effect of generics and new chemical entities on prescription cost of goods sold"



• Mark Pilkington, M.S., "Illinois pharmacists' judgments concerning the likelihood of selecting alternative drug therapies"

• Sybil N.E. Seoka, M.S., "Drug interactions among the non-institutionalized elderly population"



• Carmen Catizone, M.S., "Historical analysis of the accession of the Chicago College of Pharmacy by the University of Illinois in 1896"



• Carl Bennett, M.S., "An analysis of perceptions of leadership behavior and effectiveness of hospital pharmacy directors"

• Steven Smith, M.S., "Investigation of turnover of hospital pharmacists"



• Frank Kokaisl, M.S., "Reported and perceived levels of compliance with U.S. Supreme Court's standards for outpatient dispensing"

• Mary Kroeger Macnider, M.S., "Hospital pharmaceutical group purchasing -- an analysis of its advantages and disadvantages"



• Ronald Gottrich, M.S., "Pharmacists' and physicians' perceptions of drug product selection in Illinois: one year post inception"

• John Machowiak, M.S., "A sociodemographic analysis of patients' expectations and satisfaction with traditional and clinical pharmacy services in a rural community"



• Paul Klinger, M.S., "An investigation of selected aspects of bid purchasing of antibiotics in hospital pharmacy"

• David Wegman, M.S., "Evaluation of pharmacy services in state and federal correctional facilities: development of standards"



• Diane J. Fisher, M.S., "Physicians' perception of pharmacists as drug information consultants: application of Fishbein's model"