Department of Pharmacy Administration

College of Pharmacy


The faculty of the UIC Department of Pharmacy Systems Outcomes and Policy (PSOP) are recognized by their peers as among the best in their areas of expertise in the United States and the World.  Current faculty hold national and international leadership positions in professional associations, are editors of major medical and pharmacy journals, serve on boards of pharmacy and healthcare-related companies, and are frequently consulted for their opinions and expertise. 

Below is a listing of full-time and part-time faculty the Department with links to more detailed information on each.

Carl V. Asche, PhD, Research Professor (Peoria campus)

Clara Awe, PhD, EdD, Clinical Associate Professor

Greg S. Calip, PharmD, MPH, PhD, Assistant Professor

Stephanie Y. Crawford, PhD, MPH, Associate Professor, Associate Head

Sandra F. Durley, PharmD, Clinical Assistant Professor

Todd A. Lee, PharmD, PhD, Associate Professor

Martin MacDowell, DrPH, Research Associate Professor (Rockford campus)

Henri R. Manasse, PhD, Professor Emeritus

Edith A. Nutescu, PharmD, Clinical Professor

A. Simon Pickard, PhD, Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies

Nicholas G. Popovich, PhD, Professor

Dima M. Qato, PharmD, MPH, PhD, Assistant Professor

Edward D. Rickert, JD, Instructor

Glen T. Schumock, PharmD, MBA, PhD, Professor, Head

Lisa K. Sharp, MA, PhD, Associate Professor

JoAnn Stubbings, MHCA, Clinical Associate Professor

Katie J. Suda, PharmD, MS, Research Associate Professor

Daniel R. Touchette, PharmD, MA, Associate Professor

Rosalyn P. Vellurattil, PharmD, Clinical Associate Professor

    Surrey M. Walton, Associate Professor