Department of Pharmacy Practice

College of Pharmacy

Christopher A. Schriever


Christopher A. Schriever, MS, PharmD, AAHIVE

Clinical Assistant Professor,

Pharmacy Practice - Crusader Community Health

Phone 815-490-1628, 815-395-5775
Office Room # N201
US Mail 1200, West State Street, Rockford, IL 61102-2112

Research Interests


Current UIC Appointments

Representative Publications

  1. Johnson S, Schriever CA, Patel U, Patel T, Hecht DW, Gerding DN. Rifaximin Redux: treatment of recurrent Clostridium difficile infections with rifaximin immediately post-vancomycin treatment. Anaerobe 2009.; Dec15(6):290-1.
  2. Jain R, Schriever CA, Danziger LH, Cho SH, Rubinstein I. The IS6110 repetitive DNA element of Mycobacterium tuberculosis is not detected in exhaled breath condensate of patients with active pulmonary tuberculosis. Respiration. 2007;74(3):329-33
  3. Johnson S, Schriever C, Galang M, Kelly CP, Gerding DN. Interruption of recurrent Clostridium difficile-associated diarrhea episodes by serial therapy with vancomycin and rifaximin. Clin Infect Dis. 2007 Mar 15;44 (6):846-8.2007.
  4. Schriever CA, Fernández C, Rodvold KA, Danziger LH. Daptomycin: a novel cyclic lipopeptide antimicrobial. Am J Health Syst Pharm. 2005 Jun1;62 (11):1145-58

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