Department of Pharmacy Practice

College of Pharmacy

Section of Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy

The Section of Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy was established in 1983 in the Department of Pharmacy Practice at the College of Pharmacy. Members of the Section hold academic appointments in both the College of Pharmacy and the College of Medicine (Section of Cardiology, Department of Medicine) at UIC. They are responsible for research and scholarly activities relating to the clinical use, safety and efficacy of drugs used for cardiovascular disease. Members are also responsible for instruction to pharmacy, medical and nursing students and collaborative clinical pharmacy practice in a variety of specialty areas within cardiology.

Director: Jerry L. Bauman, PharmD, FCCP, FACC, Professor, Departments of Pharmacy Practice and Medicine (Cardiology)Dean; , College of Pharmacy
Larisa Cavallari, PharmD, Associate Professor
Robert DiDomenico, PharmD, Clinical Assistant Professor
Vicki Groo, PharmD, Clinical Assistant Professor
Edith Nutescu, PPharmD, Clinical Associate Professor and Director, Antithrombosis Center
Marieke D. Schoen, PharmD, Clinical Associate Professor

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1983-84 Rick A. Barbarash, PharmD, FCCP
1984-85 Bruce J. Schrader, PharmD, FCCP
1985-86 Steven I. Berk, PharmD, MD
1986-88 Nada S. Berry, PharmD
1987-89 Patrick L. McCollam, PharmD
1987-89 Robert B. Parker, PharmD, FCCP
1988-89 Vicky L. Just, PharmD
1988-90 Marieke D. Schoen, PharmD
1989-90 Jon E. Folstad, PharmD
1990-92 Deborah Tworek Piscitelli, PharmD
1990-93 Sheila A. Roberts, PharmD
1991-93 Jeffrey J. Grawe, PharmD
1991-93 Allison P. Winecoff, PharmD
1992-94 Kristin C. Oberg, PharmD
1993-95 Bradley G. Phillips, PharmD
1994-96 Ashesh J. Gandhi, PharmD
1996-97 Mary Ross Southworth, PharmD
1996-98 Cynthia A. Sanoski, PharmD
1997-99 Robert J. DiDomenico, PharmD
2001-02 Maria Tanzi, PharmD

Mark Munger, PharmD, FCCP
Tim Hoon, PharmD
Eric Stanek, PharmD
Dawn Bell, PharmD
Dawn Zaremski
Donna Leslie
Lynette Moser