Department of Pharmacy Practice

College of Pharmacy

Two Longtime Faculty Retire

While the faculty at the College of Pharmacy always enjoys a chance to come together and celebrate momentous events throughout the college, the recent retirement parties of Ray Traficante and John McBride were tinged with regret at seeing two dedicated faculty members leave. After 23 years of service to the UIC Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Department, Ray Traficante has opted to hang up his lab coat and hit the slopes to fully enjoy his retirement. Ray’s contributions in being an excellent pharmacist, caring advisor, as well as a loyal friend and colleague will be greatly missed. Throughout his 43 years of service in the College of Pharmacy, spread between the Department of Pharmacy Practice and Medical Center, John McBride distinguished himself through holding numerous leadership roles including Senior Pharmacist, Supervisor of Ambulatory Pharmacy, and Associate Director of Pharmacy IT Services. Renowned for being a loyal employee, colleague, and friend, John’s 43-year history at the College of Pharmacy, and all he accomplished, will be equally difficult to forget or ever stop appreciating. While the faculty at the College of Pharmacy is sad to see John and Ray depart they wish them a happy retirement; it is well deserved considering their years of hard work and dedication in the College of Pharmacy.

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